Helsingør, Denmark

Danish Flag

It was nice to explore another town in Denmark outside of Copenhagen.  Helsingør is a quaint, port city in eastern Denmark.  It is a perfect place for a day-cation, because you really only need a day to explore Kronborg and walk the cobblestone streets of the little town.  We arrived at Helsingør a few hours earlier than the check-in time, so we decided to explore the castle in the meantime.

kronborg castle

kronborg castle door

At Kronborg, we were able to take two free tours that lasted 30 minutes each.  One of the tours talked about the general history of the castle, and the other tour talked about the cellars under the castle and the myth of Holger Danske.  As legend goes, Holger Danske is an immortal viking that is said to be sleeping in the dark cellars of Kronborg until Denmark is in danger, and then, he will rise out of the cellars and fight for Denmark.  Kronborg is also where Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” took place (except Shakespeare called the castle, “Castle Elsinore”), so while we were wandering around the castle, there was also a live-action production of Hamlet going on inside the castle yard.

inside kronborg castle

The castle was beautiful inside and out.  We were able to walk see the church, kitchens, private courters, and you could even climb a tower to get a view of Helsingør (and Sweden of the other side)!

kronborg castle view_helsingor

After we were finished walking around the castle, we checked into Hotel Madam Sprunk. I would definitely go back to this hotel, because everyone was so polite, the restaurant attached to the hotel made very delicious food, and our room looked so cute (plus the beds were really comfy).

hotel madam sprunk

Once we got settled into our room, we went downstairs and ordered coffee and chocolate cake from the restaurant and played a little bit of backgammon.  The weather was really nice, so we decided to walk around and look at the shops before dinner.  There were a lot of cheap alcohol shops, because apparently, alcohol is more expensive in Sweden than in Helsingør, and since Sweden is so close, Swedes will travel across the harbor to Helsingør just to buy cheaper alcohol.  Right before we were going to head back for dinner, the skies opened up, and rain started to pour down really hard.  Everyone took for cover, but I loved it!

Pink Raincoat from Zara / Shoes from Adidas

We bought some wine and snacks for after dinner, and went back to the hotel for a three course meal!  Hearing the rain hit the roof made the perfect setting for a cozy night in. 🙂  What a perfect day-cation in Helsingør!

My 5 Happy Things:

  1. Mads and I almost brought our bikes to Helsingør, but we didn’t which turned out to be a great decision, because the usual train was under construction, and we had to take a bus, and we wouldn’t have been able to take our bikes on the bus.
  2. It was really fun taking pictures around the castle and being silly.
  3. I loved running to the grocery store to get snacks in the pouring rain.  I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so fun!
  4. I was happy Mads thought of an idea to get me a Danish workbook, so I can practice Danish while I study in the US next semester.
  5. It was really nice to have dinner just the two of us and be by ourselves for a night, since we don’t have our own place.

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