Disc Golf at Valby Park


Susi and Felix came to visit us in Copenhagen all the way from Reutlingen, Germany (I studied there last semester with Mads)!  When they arrived on the first day, I was their tour guide, because Mads had to study which was a bit strange, because he is the actual Dane, and I have just been living here in Copenhagen for two months or so, but it turned out just fine!  At first, it was a bit of a struggle to get breakfast and rent bikes, but once they rented bikes, the day went much smoother, because it is so much easier to get around Copenhagen when you have a bike. The worst thing about the first day was that the weather was very rainy and cold, and they were tired from traveling the whole night, so I took them on the a tour boat, so we could stay dry and see all the sights.


After the boat ride, we went to eat at the food market on Papirøen, and then, we met Mads for a coffee in Christiania.  Overall, it was a very relaxed day, and we got Nyhavn and all the touristy things out of the way, so that in the next few days, we could show them something different and more fun.

5 Happy Things

  1. We were reunited with Susi and Felix!
  2. I was happy that I was able to navigate my way around Copenhagen and guide Susi and Felix without any problems.
  3. I was happy when Mads joined us, because I missed him the whole day.
  4. Mads and I made chili con carne for everyone and it turned out really, really delicious.
  5. At the end of the night, we tried playing this boardgame called “Splendor” for the very first time, and it was soooo much fun.  At first, I thought it looked really nerdy and boring, but the game turned out to be super addicting and a lot of fun!



The next morning, the sky cleared up, and Mads decided to take a break from his studies so that we could take Susi and Felix out to play disc golf at Valby Park.  Mads and I have both played before, but Susi and Felix hadn’t, so we taught them how to play.


None of us were really that good, but it was fun to be together again and to have a little competition, and it’s free if you bring your own discs!

There were some good throws..


Pink Sweater from Top Shop / Jeans from Levis / Shoes from Adidas


…And some not-so-good ones.


I was in charge of keeping the score, and apparently at some point, I forgot to add points or added them to the wrong person, so we don’t know who the true winner was (even though, it was probably Mads).  But it wasn’t a serious competition, and we just played 12 holes out of 18 anyways, because we all needed to get some food.


It was very fortunate that we left disc golf early, because Susi lost the keys to her rented bike, so we had to bring the bike back to the bike store, before we could do anything else.  It worked out just fine, because while we waited for the bike store to put a new lock on Susi’s bike, we had dinner at this little burger place around the corner called Banana Joe’s, and the burger was really good for only about 40 dk (~ $6).


It was a truly fun day full of happy things, and I’m really happy that it stopped raining so we could do something fun outside!

5 Happy Things

  1. I was so hungry, and the burger was just so good.
  2. I improved a lot at disc golf compared to the first time I played.
  3. Playing disc golf again was way more fun this time, because last time, a disc golf tournament was happening, and this time, barely anyone was on the course.
  4. After we ate, we went to a ping-pong tournament, and I didn’t get egged once (0 points in a match), even though, everyone else was way better than me.
  5. I got a headache, but it went away when we biked home, so I didn’t have to take painkillers.

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