Kastrup Søbad


For so long, one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do while I was in Copenhagen was to visit Kastrup Søbad or Kastrup Sea Baths or “the Snail.”  Since we had friends visiting us from Germany, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go to this magical place and jump into the sea.

Kastup Søbad is an open air pool.  You walk on a peer from the beach to this circular structure, where there are diving boards, places to sit, and changing rooms.  It is nicknamed “the Snail” because the structure is in kind of a spiral like a snail shell.

The day we had decided to go was supposed to be warm, but the weather turned out not-so-good.  The weather was windy and a little rainy, and the temperature did not reach over 63°F/17°C in the hours leading up to our departure, but we decided to go anyways, because we had talked about it so much.


When we got there, we were all very apprehensive to get in, but eventually, Mads convinced everyone to get changed into bathing suits and hop in.  I was the first to jump in, because I knew I wouldn’t want to do it if I waited too long.

Bathing Suit from UO


Some of us weren’t so keen at first… (haha, Susi)


Jumping into the water was so exhilarating, because it was sooo cold.  Everytime we leaped in, we would immediately swim back to the peer, but it was very refreshing.  I had never been in water that cold before, but it really made me feel alive.  And each time I got out of the water, my body was so numb from the cold that the air actually felt warm, which was nice, because I was very worried about freezing afterwords, since there weren’t any hot showers.


Overall, we had a lot of fun, and I was so happy Mads convinced me to jump in! Sometimes you just gotta live a little. 🙂

5 Happy Things

  1. I won my first game of Splendor that morning!
  2. Susi and Felix bought me a coffee while we walked around the shopping street early that day.
  3. I had the best sandwich in the world from Smagsløget for lunch (try the #5 with cheddar).
  4. I’m happy that we finally went to Kastrup Søbad and jumped in the water.
  5. I was really happy and warm when we put our dry clothes back on (such a good feeling)



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