Picnic and Dancing in Fælledparken

The evening before Susi and Felix had to leave, we decided to have a picnic and go to Sommerdans in Fælledparken.  We picked up a little transportable grill, bought some sausages, salad, and bread, and set up at a little picnic at a picnic table in the park.


While the grill was getting ready, we decided to have a little friendly competition and play the King Game (or the Viking Game).  The King Game is an old Scandinavian game where essentially one team throws wooden sticks at the other team’s wooden blocks and tries to knock them all over, but it’s a little more complicated than that.


Apparently, Mads and I didn’t know what was coming for us, because we lost. 😦 But atleast it was a close game (kind of..).

After Susi and Felix’s victory, we started to grill the sausages and bread.  Felix and Mads were named the “Grill Masters,” so they cooked while me and Susi relaxed (what a good deal!).


After we ate our delicious dinner, we headed on over to dance.  Sommerdans in Fælledparken is a free summer event where you can learn a new dance every monday through thursday at 7 (they also have other dances and times for families and kids).  This event occurs throughout June and July and has been going on for more than 10 years.  You can learn a whole variety of dances, from afrobeat to salsa to ballroom.  A professional instructor comes to the park and teaches you a certain style of dance for three hours.  Three hours of free dance lessons sounded like such a dream, so I had to go and try it!  Mads and I had been a few weeks earlier to learn folkedans which was really a lot of fun, even though we couldn’t last the whole three hours.  That night we decided to try linedancing.  We didn’t have any idea what to expect, but it was free, so why not?


The line dance class was generally older, and they played a lot of American country songs, so I felt right at home (since I’m from North Carolina).  The instructors were a married couple, and they kept arguing the whole time about the steps or somehting, but it was all spoken in Danish, so I had no clue what they were bickering about.  They taught us a lot of different line dances, some were easy and some were pretty complicated.


We realized that as long as we stayed up in the front, it was a lot easier for us to follow the dances, because you could see the instructor, and for those of us that didn’t speak Danish, that was extremely helpful.  Again, we only lasted about half-way through the class before we all got tired, but that’s the good thing about this event.  You can rest or leave at any point.


I am so happy that Susi and Felix made it to Copenhagen!  It has been such an awesome time being tour guides and going on adventures with them.  This definitely won’t be the last time you see us!!

5 Happy Things

  1. While we were eating, I met the biggest pug I had ever seen in my whole life, and he was so cute.
  2. Sommerdans was sooooo fun!
  3. Mads and Felix did a great job making the food.
  4. We met one of our friends at Sommerdans, so it was good to see her again.
  5. Susi and Felix had a really good time, and enjoyed their stay in Copenhagen which made me very, very happy! 🙂

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