Photo Jul 22, 10 51 24 AM

One thing that Mads and I have done a few times is rent little boats and go around the harbor with friends.  The popular company that people in Copenhagen rent boats with is usually GoBoats, but FriendShips is a newer company that not many people know about, and the boats are nicer and actually cheaper.  The first time I did this was when Mads and I had a big group of friends visiting us from all over Europe for Distortion, so we decided that this would be the perfect time to rent some boats and show them Copenhagen.

Photo Jul 22, 10 48 40 AMPhoto Jul 22, 10 52 09 AM

The boats can fit up to 8 people, so we rented two boats to sail around in.  It is a really fun idea for groups that are visiting Copenhagen, because you can bring drinks and snacks onboard, and they give you a little tutorial on how to drive the boat in the beginning, so you can navigate the boats by yourselves.  For some people it was really easy to drive the boats, and for others it was not so easy (me).

Photo Jul 22, 10 56 20 AMPhoto Jul 22, 10 56 31 AM

Photo Jul 22, 10 54 24 AM
Leather Jacket from Zara / Black Dress from Zara / Sunglasses from H&M

Although I may look like I know what I’m doing, what you don’t see in the picture is the huge tour boat that I am accidentally steering us into.  But I had to steer once, because I really wanted a picture, so it was worth it.  Tour boats are one of the things you have to watch out for when you’re going around in these little boats.  They are much bigger and faster than the FriendShips, and they do not move if you get in their way.  We have had some very mad tour boat drivers yell at us, but you live, and you learn.

Photo Jul 22, 10 47 45 AM

As you can see in the picture above, a tour boat is right behind one of our FriendShips, but there is no where to go when you are crossing under a bridge.  A little bit of a scary situation to be in, but it turned out ok!

The only other thing you have to really worry about is using the bathroom.  If you bring drinks on the boat, eventually everyone has to use the bathroom, especially since you rent these boats for one to three hours.  We’ve found that it is pretty easy to just pull to the side of the canals and find a place to use the bathroom.  But for those who aren’t so savvy steering, you may want to watch the liquids unless you are ok with peeing off the boat (me – not so much).

Photo Jul 22, 10 55 36 AMPhoto Jul 22, 10 54 51 AM

This is a really great idea for people visiting Copenhagen if you want to get away from doing all the regular touristy things.  Everyone who rented the boats with us truly had a lot of fun, and if you are a very big group like we were, it barely costs anything per person!  This is not just for tourists, though!  Mads and I also went together with his workplace, and it was also a lot of fun, and a good way for me to get to know his coworkers and boss!  Here is the website if you want to know more:

FriendShips’ Website

5 Happy Things (from today, not from FriendShip day)

  1. I got to sleep in this morning until almost 10!
  2. I had a really nice time celebrating Mads’ sister’s birthday with his family.
  3. We played badminton, which was a lot of fun.
  4. Tonight, we are going to eat crepes! I am really excited about that.
  5. The weather is really nice today, which has not been the case for the past few days.  It was nice to feel a little sun.

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