Relaxing Vacation at the Summer House

Mads and I have planned this trip for a while!  His family has a summer house on an island south of Copenhagen called “Bogø” which translates to “Book Island.”  A week ago, we drove down to Bogø to stay at his family summer house for 6 days.  It was a wonderful week of relaxing, reading, and just being together.


Bogø welcome sign in Denmark

Every year in the US, I go with my family to a lake house at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.  This year was the first year I missed the trip, since I am in Denmark, but Mads’ family’s summer house reminded me a lot of our lake house.

little red summer house in Denmark

When I first saw the summer house, I absolutely loved it.  This is the cutest, coziest house I’ve ever been in!  It is exactly like a smaller version of the lake house I grew up with.  There’s not much internet, and barely any wifi, but that’s what made our stay so cozy.  I was so excited to spend a whole week in this little, red house.

After we went grocery shopping at the only store in town and got settled in the house, I claimed one corner of the living room as my own hyggekrog (“hygge corner” or “cozy corner”).  I spent most of the week in that corner reading books, writing essays, and playing sudoku.

girl reading book on a chair in a hyggekrog

Mads has been working on his Master’s thesis for a few weeks now, so he took this time at the summer house to really focus and get a lot of his paper done!

boy studying on a couch in Denmark

5 Happy Things for Sunday:

  1. I’m happy that Mads’ dad and Susanne drove us to the summer house, so we didn’t have to take a train and a bus!
  2. I was happy when I found Susanne’s sudoku book, because I wanted to bring my own, but I couldn’t find it before we left.
  3. I was so happy when I got to the house and saw how little and cozy it was.  It’s my dream house!!
  4. It really made me giggle a lot when Mads and I tried to play frisbee in the yard, because I was so bad at aiming, and he had to run all over the place to catch the frisbee.
  5. I am happy that I started reading “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking, because I am learning a lot about Denmark and Mads’ culture.



There is not much to do on Bogø, so we decided to take a walk and go to the harbor.  On our walk, we not only met a lot of dogs, but there was also passed this really old windmill on the way.  I thought it was pretty cool, because I’m not used to seeing windmills!

boy walks to windmill in Bogø, Denmarkwindmill in Bogø, Denmark

It wasn’t a far walk from the windmill to get to the harbor.  At the harbor, there was one little shop where you could buy tickets for the ferry and buy ice cream.  The ferry takes you across the harbor to this other little city called Stuppekøbing.  We bought some ice cream and ate it while we waited for the ferry to arrive.

two ice cream cones in front of a harbor in Denmark

The guy selling us ice cream said that there was nothing to do in Stuppekøbing, but we decided to go anyway, because who doesn’t enjoy a ferry ride?  Mads also said that Bogø and Stuppekøbing have a little bit of a competition going on, so of course, the ice cream guy told us that there was nothing to do in Stuppekøbing!

a ferry in Bogø, Denmark to Stubbekøbing

After we finished our ice creams, we boarded the smallest ferry I have ever seen.  The ferry was called Ida.  Ida could fit maybe 8 cars (Danish sized cars, not American sized), and there was only two people working on the boat!

girl in sunglasses on boat in Denmark

boy looks out at water on a boat in Denmarkcouple on a ferry to Stubbekøbing in Denmark

I think that Ida the ferry was the best part of the whole trip, because I really love boats!  It was a pretty quick trip, since we were just going across the harbor, but it was very relaxing to sit back and look at the sea.

We arrived at Stuppekøbing and realized that there really wasn’t much to do in the little town.  Not that there was nothing to see, there were a lot of little stores, but since we arrived after five in the evening, everything was closed.  We spent thirty minutes walking around on the cobble stone streets and looking at the boats in the marina, and then, we boarded the ferry and went back to Bogø.

ferry and a welcome to stubbekøbing sign in Denmarkgirl on a boat in Denmark at Bogø

Although the trip was not that eventful, I love to just walk and talk with Mads, and we did a lot of that on this little excursion.

5 Happy Things for Monday

  1. I had a really great nap before we left to walk to the harbor.
  2. I am always happy whenever I eat ice cream.
  3. The ferry was really peaceful, and so was just walking around and talking to Mads.
  4. It was really nice to eat dinner outside on the porch and enjoy the good weather.
  5. I got an email saying that I got an interview scheduled with the job I wanted!



Today was the day we were going to visit the street market at Stege!  Stege is a city on the island of Møn which is east of Bogø.  The market is only on tuesdays during the summer, so this was our only opportunity to go.  Unfortunately, Tuesday had the worst weather out of all our days at the summer house, but that didn’t stop us from going!

girl under umbrella on road on a rainy day

In Denmark, there is a saying that goes, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,”  so wearing our raincoats and rain pants and carrying an umbrella, we set off on a bus to the market in Stege.  Mads had not been to this market, since he was a child, so he was looking forward to seeing what it had become.

boy drinking under umbrella at Stege Market in Denmark

Despite the rain, there were still stands of crafts, booths to play games, and a lot of people walking around.  Usually there were more stands and people, but because of the rain some decided not to show up.  The highlight for me was seeing all the local artists and the unique things they made, and the highlight for Mads was the free Dark and Stormy drink he got from a stand (his favorite drink).

Kids on motorbikes at Stege Market in denmark

I thought this was the funniest thing.  I had never seen a booth where kids could rent little four wheelers and ride around.  The four wheelers were so slow, and they could only go in a little circle, so it was pretty ridiculous but entertaining to watch.

Once we had walked through all the streets and ate some pizza, we headed home on what we thought was the right bus.  It took us a while to realize that the bus we were on was taking us in the opposite direction than where we were supposed to go, so Mads had to go up and ask the bus driver where we were.

boy talking to bus driver on a bus in Denmarkboy looking away on a bus in Denmark

Look at that guilty face.  He was supposed to be the navigator!  Anyways, after an hour of riding around on the wrong bus, we finally got back to Stege and hopped on the right bus.  It was a very nice bus ride, so really, getting on the wrong bus was more of a good thing than a bad thing.

5 Happy Things for Tuesday:

  1. I got my course approval form in an email from a counselor back at NC State, so I am one step closer to studying next spring in Copenhagen.
  2. I’m happy that I wrote letters to some family and friends that I haven’t been able to contact that much during my time abroad.  I sent them at a post office in Stege.
  3. I enjoyed the market at Stege, and getting the free Dark and Stormys.
  4. I thought it was pretty funny when we figured out that we had taken the wrong bus.
  5. We started watching the Danish drama tv show called, “The Bridge,” and it is so addictive! So many plot twists!



We didn’t have anything special planned on Wednesday, so we just stayed at home and relaxed.  The weather was pretty nice, so we played some games out in the yard.  I had to make sure all of my skin was covered, because I found out the hard way that the mosquitos around the summer house were vicious!  And there’s nothing I hate more than mosquitos!

The summer house had a little shed with lots of yard games Mads played with his family when he was younger.  We played some frisbee, which I was not the greatest at.  Mads wasn’t too happy that I always threw the frisbee into the bush, but it wasn’t like I did threw it in the bush on purpose!!

girl with frisbee in front of summer house in Denmark

boy catches frisbee in yard game in denmarkgirl catches frisbee in yard game in Denmark

We also played some bocce ball.  Mads beat me so bad in that game even with the extra points he gave me. 😦  After we were done, he told me, “You will win at something… one day.”  Thanks for those words of encouragement haha.

handsome guy and yard game bocce ballboy throws bocce ball in yard game

girl throws bocce ball in yard game

Our favorite game we played, was actually a board game.  Our roommate, Oskar, had told us about a really fun game that could be played with just two people called Splendor.  We decided to buy it and bring it on our vacation, and it proved to be a really, really fun game.  The only thing I didn’t like about the game was that it felt so frustrating to lose!  Each game takes about thirty minutes, and the whole time, I’m strategizing, trying to figure out what cards to take, what gems to take, and then all of the sudden, Mads wins, and all my hard work and strategizing is gone down the drain!  I lost so many times.  It got to the point that I didn’t want to play anymore, but when I finally won, it felt so good that I had to keep playing!

Splendor card board game

It may look a little nerdy, but give it a chance!  It’s so much fun!

5 Happy Things for Wednesday

  1. I finally won a game of Splendor!!  Afterwords, I had a very long happy dance and ate cookies to celebrate my victory.
  2. I had a very good phone interview with the job I want.
  3. Playing bocce ball out on the yard with Mads was really fun, even if I did lose 2-10.
  4. I finished a really good book called, “The Keeper of Lost Things,” by Ruth Hogan.  It was a very sweet book with a good story and a happy ending (my favorite).
  5. Dancing with Mads in the living room to his crazy study music makes me happy.



We took a day trip to Møns Klint, but you’ll have to read about that in another blog post!


polaroid picture in front of summer house in Denmark

I just want to say a huge thank you to Mads’ dad and Susanne for letting us stay in the summer house for a week!  I had so much fun, and it was so nice just to relax and spend time with each other.  We took this polaroid right before we left.  I can’t wait until I can visit this little, red house again!

leaving Bogø in Denmark

Bye, Bogø!


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