Møns Klint

On our last day at the summer house in Bogø, we took a day trip to Møns Klint.  Møns Klint is located on the coast of the island called Møns where there are huge, chalk cliffs that border the ocean.  It took us three buses to get there, but it was so worth it!

Photo Jul 27, 12 31 52 PMPhoto Jul 27, 12 31 32 PM

Mads had been to Møns Klint a few times before with his family, so he was the designated navigator!  The plan was to walk in the forest on top of the cliffs and see the views from above, and then, we would go down to the beach and walk along the coast.  He had warned me that there would be a lot of stairs, but I was not ready for these stairs!

Photo Jul 27, 12 39 30 PM

Every time there were stairs, Mads preferred not to take them.  I guess there are two types of people in the world haha.

The views were very pretty.  From above, it was hard to tell where the ocean ended and the sky began.  Everything blended together really beautifully.

Photo Jul 27, 12 37 36 PM
Sweater from Topshop

Photo Jul 27, 12 35 45 PMPhoto Jul 27, 12 48 11 PM

After we finished looking from above in the forest, we had to descend down to the beach.  It took many, many stairs to get down.

Photo Jul 27, 1 05 14 PM

Photo Jul 27, 1 06 16 PM
Dress from Rude (thrift store in Copenhagen) / Bag from Asos

Photo Jul 27, 1 07 36 PM

Eventually, we made it!  The beach was all rocks and no sand.  I had never seen anything like that before.  Mads said that it was the most beautiful place in Denmark, and I agree!  It looked kind of tropical, because the water was so light, but I knew that it wouldn’t feel tropical if I got in the water!

Photo Jul 27, 1 11 35 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 12 04 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 38 35 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 55 33 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 14 58 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 36 52 PM

It was so nice to walk along the beach with Mads.  It was the perfect environment to just think about life and reflect.  We stopped to eat sandwiches on a piece of drift wood, and found a rock that had “M + S” etched into it, so of course, I had to take a picture of it!

Photo Jul 27, 1 34 40 PM

We strolled and talked for quite a while on the beach.  Eventually, the rocks became this spongey plant material, which Mads told me was sea weed.  I had never seen red sea weed before!  I didn’t like walking on it, because it felt too weird.

Photo Jul 27, 1 51 21 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 50 11 PMPhoto Jul 27, 1 48 46 PM

Eventually, we had to ascend from the beach back into the forest.  Mads had told me to expect a lot of stairs, but I was not prepared for going back up the stairs.  I am not the most fit, so I had to take quite a few breaks on my way up.

Photo Jul 27, 2 20 31 PM

As you can see, I was pretty tired out.

Photo Jul 27, 2 37 24 PM

But we made it!  What a work out!  It was such a beautiful trip, and we ended the trip with some more ice cream, of course.  It was by far the best day of the vacation, and I’m so happy that I got to see the most beautiful place in Denmark with Mads.

I kept this rock to remember the trip.  Møn kind of sounds like moon, so I chose this rock, because it looked like the moon.

Photo Jul 28, 12 56 56 PM

5 Happy Things

  1. Møns Klint was so beautiful!
  2. I was so happy when we finally finished going up the stairs from the beach to the forest.  I thought I was gonna pass out!
  3. I was happy that it started raining right when we got on the bus and not when we were on the beach or in the forest.
  4. I got an email saying that I got the job I wanted!!
  5. I was happy that the two girls in front of us in line at the grocery store let us front them so that we wouldn’t miss our bus back to the summer house.

*6. Mads and I finished season 1 of “The Bridge,” and is was so great!  Definitely never expected the ending.

*7. I found out that I also got the volunteer position that I wanted, a PackAbroad Ambassador (helps convince other students to study abroad at NC State).

*8. Mads and I went down to the harbor to get wifi, so Mads could watch a soccer game, and I had a really good Skype conversation with my sister.  Also, the harbor was so beautiful and no mosquitos!

Photo Jul 27, 8 05 18 PM


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