Canoeing and Kayaking at Furesø

One thing that I had to cross off my bucket list before I left Copenhagen was to go boating with Mads and his mom at Furesø lake.  Today was the last possible day that we could all go.  The weather predictions weren’t that great, but we decided to go anyways.

Mads’ mom, Anette, met us for breakfast at our place in the morning.  After we finished eating the bread Mads had made, we headed on our bikes north to the lake called, “Furesø.”  On our way to the lake, we stopped, because Anette wanted to see if we could pick plums!  She started walking into this field on the side of the road to find the plum tree, but apparently, it was the wrong field.  I have no clue how she ever found the plum tree in the first place, but it would have been really nice to be able to pick wild plums.

Photo Jul 30, 11 33 04 AM

When we arrived, I was very excited, because I had never kayaked before!  We each rented our own kayaks and started paddling around.  I got the yellow kayak, because the yellow ones were supposed to be more slow and stable, but Mads and Anette got speedy, red kayaks.

Photo Jul 30, 11 52 01 AMPhoto Jul 30, 11 57 10 AMPhoto Jul 30, 11 53 44 AM

We started to go across the lake with no plan in mind but to enjoy the ride!  Mads and his mom liked to go to find more secluded places where there were less people, and the nature was so beautiful!

Photo Jul 30, 12 08 08 PMPhoto Jul 30, 12 09 58 PM

We paddled around the lake for a while until Mads remembered a really beautiful place he had once canoed to with his dad.  The place was a bit far away and we had a three hours before we had to return the boats, so I was given a choice: either stay with my kayak and paddle really fast, or go back and switch my kayak for a canoe that I could share with Mads.  I liked the kayak a lot, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to paddle nonstop for 3 hours, so Mads and I went back and switched our kayaks for a canoe!

Photo Jul 30, 1 45 53 PM
Rain Jacket from Zara

Photo Jul 30, 1 13 36 PM

With the canoe, it was much easier to paddle across the lake, especially since I had Mads who was our motor in the back.  Now to find the pretty place across the lake!  The journey was pretty lengthy.  We came to a point where we had to take our canoe out of the water and slide it over to another part of the water.  Good thing there were two little kids there to help us!

Photo Jul 30, 1 03 15 PM

Right after we got back into our canoe, there was a very low bridge we had to go under.  It was small and narrow, so I had to practically lay in the canoe in order to fit under.  I didn’t like it under there.  It made me feel a little claustrophobic.

Photo Jul 30, 1 03 58 PMPhoto Jul 30, 1 04 48 PM

But going under the bridge was worth it, because we arrived in the beautiful place right after!  It was very secluded compared to the rest of the lake.  Anette said that it reminded her of the canals in Venice.

Photo Jul 30, 1 06 43 PMPhoto Jul 30, 1 10 57 PM

Photo Jul 30, 1 11 04 PM
Polkadot Dress from Zara

Photo Jul 30, 1 23 26 PMPhoto Jul 30, 1 21 13 PM

But as soon as we arrived, the rain began.  At first the rain wasn’t that bad, and we ate some sandwiches under a tree and talked.  But then, it began to feel like the rain was never going to end!

Photo Jul 30, 1 29 58 PM

After we ate we decided to tough out the rain and try to head home.  We reached the place where we had to slide our canoe to the other part of the water when the torrential downpour started.  We abandoned our boats on the slide and ran to a nearby bus stop to take cover.  It felt like the heavens opened, and all the rain was just pouring down.

Photo Jul 30, 2 01 09 PMPhoto Jul 30, 2 02 03 PMPhoto Jul 30, 2 37 51 PM

Anette and I ran to go get hot drinks at a near cafe, and Mads stayed in the bus shelter to keep an eye on our canoe and kayak.  I don’t think I have ever been so wet in my life.  My rain jacket is really pretty and does well in normal rain, but apparently, it couldn’t handle this Danish downpour.  It wasn’t long before all of my clothes were soaked underneath my raincoat, so that was uncomfortable to say the least.  When the rain lightened up a little bit, we decided to go ahead and try to paddle back to the rental place before the weather got worse again.  When we all got back into our boats, the rain stopped, and luckily, it never came back for the rest of our trip, but we were determined to get back to the rental place anyways, because our three hours were almost up!

Mads and I were leading the way, and we thought we were headed the right direction until we hit a dead end.  It’s hard to find your way back when so much of the scenery looks the same.

Photo Jul 30, 3 22 18 PMPhoto Jul 30, 3 20 52 PM

We finally found the right way back, but we had to pass these huge swans.  When I was in Germany, I saw a swan try to attack a dog, so I knew how aggressive swans could be.  Mads, Anette, and I were all trying to avoid paddle around the group of swans.  There was one swan that started to flap his wings near us and hover over the water, and we all got scared and paddled as fast as we could.  The swan scared me a lot, but it felt so silly to be running away from a swan.  I couldn’t stop laughing while we made our escape from the flapping swan.

We made it back to the rental place a little over our time, but it was ok!  I had so much fun today.  It is probably one of my favorite days here in Denmark.  Between the rain, getting lost and the swans, today will always be a funny story to tell!  I can’t wait to come back to Furesø!

Photo Jul 30, 3 38 07 PM

5 Happy Things

  1. I was happy that Anette came over before the boating trip to eat breakfast with us.
  2. I was sooooo excited to try kayaking for the first time!
  3. I was also happy that I traded in my kayak for a canoe with Mads, because I could have never made that journey on a kayak by myself.
  4. Mads and I had made these chicken bacon sandwiches for lunch, and they were so delicious.
  5. I was happy that the rain finally stopped, and we were able to paddle home.

*6. Getting lost and running away from the swans made me laugh a lot.

*7. I was so happy when I got home, took a hot shower, and put on dry clothes.


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