My Surprise Date!

After a long day of studying at the library, it was finally time to go home.  Mads and I had ordered Chinese food, but we had an hour to kill before it was ready, so Mads planned a surprise date for me.  This wasn’t just a surprise date, because I didn’t know what he was planning, I didn’t even know that there was even going to be a date!  First, he took me to get ice cream (he knows the way to my heart is through my stomach).  And then, he took me to Kaffesalonen where you can rent swan paddle boats!!!

Photo Aug 02, 8 32 42 PM

At first when we arrived, I did not realize that this was the place that you could rent the swan paddle boats.  At Kaffesalonen, you can sit in lawn chairs by the water and drink coffee.  It’s such a cozy place.  The day of my surprise date was a Wednesday, and apparently, every Wednesday is Salsa Night at Kaffesalonen, so when we arrived, the place was packed wall to wall with people salsa dancing.

Photo Aug 02, 8 44 01 PMPhoto Aug 02, 8 43 10 PM

It looked so much fun. If I remembered how to salsa dance, I would have definitely joined!  The music was a bit loud to sit inside and chat, so we chose some lawn chairs on the pier.  It was such a beautiful evening, and that’s when I saw the swans!  Mads asked if I wanted to rent one, and I got so excited!!  I had been wanting to do this all summer!

Photo Aug 02, 8 40 27 PM
There I am in our swan.

The whole time we paddled around on the lake, I could not stop smiling and thanking Mads.  It was so perfect!  The weather was actually really nice, and we were out on the lake at sunset, so it could not have been any better!

Photo Aug 02, 7 57 14 PMPhoto Aug 02, 8 04 03 PMPhoto Aug 02, 8 08 58 PMPhoto Aug 02, 8 05 37 PM

Photo Aug 02, 8 11 31 PM
There was one duck paddle boat, and I was a little jealous we didn’t get that one.  It’s so cute!

Photo Aug 02, 8 11 42 PM

Photo Aug 02, 8 08 37 PM
T-shirt and Skirt from Monki

Photo Aug 02, 8 16 56 PM

It was the perfect date, and it made a pretty ordinary day into an amazing day!  I am so grateful to be loved by someone so special!

Photo Aug 02, 8 34 15 PM

For more information:

Kaffesalonen Website

5 Happy Things

  1. I was so happy about the swan paddle boats, and I also love surprises! 🙂
  2. Ice cream always makes me happy.
  3. Mads got me a book that I can read on the plane home to the US which I was also very happy about.
  4. During our study session at the library, we took an hour break to go shopping.  Mads was being silly and started to run away from me.  I was laughing so hard trying to catch him!
  5. I was happy that we had a productive day at the library.

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