My First Danish Wedding!

I have been excited to go to this for ages ever since Mads first invited me to his cousin’s wedding last year.  We both had only been to one wedding before, and it was my dad’s wedding.  This wedding would be both of our second wedding and our first Danish wedding.  We were so excited to celebrate his cousin’s marriage and have fun the whole weekend!

Mads was really determined to get a bowtie that you have to tie yourself and learn how to tie it before the wedding, so he stayed up the night before and figured it out using youtube.  Haha, he was so cute and happy when he finally tied it!

Photo Aug 03, 5 29 21 PM

Day 1: The Setup

The morning before the wedding, we headed up to the venue which was a in a barn in the north of Jutland (the mainland region of Denmark).  We decided to go a day early in order to help set up.  The venue was in the middle of nowhere, but it was beautiful!  The building was so rustic and cozy.

When we arrived, we helped put up signs and lights and decorate the reception space. The bride was there, but the groom was not, because in Denmark, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride the day before the wedding.  But both sides of the family came into help set everything up.  There were so many little details in the decorations, which made the wedding feel really personal.  Mads and I made a great duo working together (I was the boss, of course)!

Photo Aug 04, 1 28 40 PMPhoto Aug 04, 1 28 59 PMPhoto Aug 07, 5 46 12 AMPhoto Aug 04, 10 18 33 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 17 29 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 23 41 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 29 29 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 41 11 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 49 45 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 49 50 AMPhoto Aug 04, 11 50 14 AM

5 Happy Things

  1. I was happy that Thea and Jacob drove us to the wedding, because it would have taken so long and would have been so expensive any other way.
  2. I was so excited to help set up the wedding!
  3. Mads’ family was so nice to speak English and go out of their way to include me in everything, even though they didn’t have to.
  4. In the morning, Mads and I danced around the apartment while we waited for Thea and Jacob to pick us up.
  5. On the drive to the wedding, I had such a good nap!


The Big Day

All the other guests would be arriving today.  The first night, Mads and I slept inside, but with everyone coming in, there was no more room inside, so we pitched a tent.  The flies were so aggressive as we put the tent up, but we found a good spot and tried to make the inside as cozy as possible!

Photo Aug 05, 3 38 16 AMPhoto Aug 05, 4 04 22 AMPhoto Aug 05, 4 16 26 AMPhoto Aug 05, 4 17 06 AM

After we were finished pitching the tent, we had to help set up the ceremony space before everyone arrived.  The ceremony was taking place outside, and because it had rained the night before, we were not able to set it up until a few hours before the wedding started.

The alter and the aisle were so unique and beautiful.  I loved how they built the alter with branches, and how the aisle was made up of overlapping rugs.  It was kind of bohemian and very original!

Photo Aug 05, 4 23 50 AMPhoto Aug 05, 4 26 07 AMPhoto Aug 05, 7 12 15 AM

Once the ceremony space was complete, it was time for Mads and I to dress up!  Fortunately, I had brought a gown from back home that I could wear, so I didn’t have to buy a new one, and Mads had a tux to wear that he looked so handsome in!

Photo Aug 05, 8 59 23 AM

The guests were now arriving!  Everyone gathered around outside drinking beers and wine before the ceremony started.  The weather reports had called for it to rain, and up until this point it was so sunny, but out of no where, it started to pour and people fled to take cover inside.

Photo Aug 05, 7 36 27 AMPhoto Aug 05, 7 37 22 AM

Thankfully, it didn’t rain for very long!  The rain stopped in twenty minutes or so, and we were able to all get seated just in time for the ceremony.  Rain on the wedding day is said to be very lucky, too!

When we all got seated, Mads started passing around rice, because once the bride and groom leave the ceremony, it is tradition to throw rice at them.  We all were waiting patiently with rice in our hands when the music began.  First, the groom stood at the alter, and then the bridal party came out.

Photo Aug 05, 7 59 51 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 01 40 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 03 14 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 03 26 AM

And finally, it was time for the bride to come down the aisle with her dad.  She looked so beautiful!


Photo Aug 05, 8 03 48 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 03 56 AM

The ceremony was short and sweet, and although it was in Danish, I could really feel the emotions between the bride and groom, and it was very beautiful.  Everybody in the ceremony shared the same happy and loving mood.

Photo Aug 05, 8 04 14 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 04 49 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 10 29 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 11 39 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 11 44 AM

After the ceremony was over, everyone went up to the bride and groom to give them hugs and say congratulations (or “tillykke!”).  I had never seen a ceremony end that way, but I really liked it, and I think they were both surprised to hear me say “Tillykke!” haha.

Photo Aug 05, 8 16 36 AM

Once everyone had said their congratulations, it was time for the bride and groom to leave, and for us to throw the rice.  I had been keeping rice in my hand for so long throughout the ceremony and even when I hugged them haha!  So I was definitely ready to shower the newly married couple with rice.

Photo Aug 05, 8 20 07 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 20 09 AM

The bride and groom left to go take pictures, and the rest of us were served wine and appetizers.  I couldn’t wait for the bride and groom to get done with pictures, because next we were going to eat the cake, and the wedding cake wasn’t any normal wedding cake!  The bride is a pastry chef, so she had made the cake herself!  I was so excited to try one of her cakes, and boy, it definitely did not disappoint.  It was probably one of the best cakes I ever had!!  (I thought the cake toppers were really cute, since the groom really likes Star Wars)

Photo Aug 05, 8 21 09 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 21 16 AMPhoto Aug 05, 8 21 52 AM

And then, it was time for the reception!  For the reception, we were all given seating assignments (I was happy they didn’t put me and Mads at different tables).  Our table was full of big personalities to say the least.  The guy and girl that were sitting beside me were hilarious.  Our table was so loud and laughing so much that everyone always stared at us.  I was so happy that everyone at my table spoke English too, so that I could be a part of everything they were talking about.

Photo Aug 05, 1 38 06 PMPhoto Aug 05, 1 38 26 PM

We were all served three dishes from the catering company that the bride worked at.  Between courses, certain people gave speeches.  The bride’s father gave a speech, the groom gave a speech, the best man gave a speech, and even the bride did too (I was told that that was very untraditional).  All of the speeches were in Danish, and I didn’t mind, because I was able to pick up on some of the things that they said, but right before the bride’s speech, Thea gave me a sheet of paper.  The bride had translated her speech for me to read!  I was so surprised and so happy that she had thought of me on her wedding day.  I really felt like part of the family!

Photo Aug 05, 1 25 23 PM

The reception was full of Danish traditions that I had never heard of!

  1. When the guests stomped on the floor, the bride and groom were to kiss under the table, and when the guests banged on the tables, the bride and groom were to kiss on their chairs. Photo Aug 05, 12 27 59 PMPhoto Aug 05, 1 25 15 PM
  2. When the bride left the room, all the ladies would line up to give the groom a kiss on the cheek before the bride got back, and vice versa. Photo Aug 05, 12 16 32 PMPhoto Aug 05, 11 56 38 AM
  3. During the bride and groom’s first dance, the guests would watch in a circle around them.  As the dance went on, the guests would move closer and closer to the newly married couple.  Eventually, the guests would get so close that the couple would have to stop dancing. Photo Aug 05, 5 43 26 PMPhoto Aug 05, 5 44 48 PMPhoto Aug 05, 5 45 16 PM
  4. Once the couple stopped dancing, the groom’s men took the groom’s shoes off and cut his socks.  No one I’ve asked is quite sure why this is done, but it definitely is entertaining! Photo Aug 05, 5 46 17 PMPhoto Aug 05, 5 46 23 PM
  5. The bride would toss her bouquet to all the ladies, and whoever caught it would be the next to get married. (I had heard of this one before)Photo Aug 05, 5 49 11 PMPhoto Aug 05, 5 49 22 PM

The night ended with more cakes and a lot of dancing.  I am so thankful that I got to be apart of such a beautiful day, because I had soooo much fun.  This definitely won’t be my last Danish wedding!

Photo Aug 05, 3 28 39 PM

5 Happy Things

  1. We took our best polaroid ever this night!
  2. Mads looked sooooo handsome in his suit.
  3. We had a really loud and funny table at the reception, and I laughed so hard the whole time.
  4. I loved dancing with Mads on the dance floor at the end of the night.
  5. All of the cakes were so amazing!

*6. I was so happy when I got to read the bride’s speech that she translated for me.  It was incredibly thoughtful.


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