It was my last night in Copenhagen.  A few weeks before, Mads thought it would be a good idea to do something on our last night together, so that we wouldn’t just lay at home and be sad.  Mads is a huge Brøndby fan, so when he saw that they were playing FCK (Brøndby’s biggest rival) the night before I left, he bought us and our roommate, Oskar, tickets, so that we could all go and see the game together!

Once Mads and I got back from the wedding, we quickly got ready and changed into our Brøndby outfits!  I was happy that Oskar had an old Brøndby shirt and scarf for me, so that I wouldn’t feel out of place with all the fans.  We decided to bike to Brøndby, because it was the easiest and a really nice bike ride.  It took a good while, but I was really excited when I finally caught sight of the stadium!

Photo Aug 06, 11 45 57 AM

Americans love American football, but Europeans really, really, really love their football (soccer).  I was so pumped to see all the fans and the cheering, because I had never been to anything like this before.  We hurried to get inside and get to our seats, because the game was about to begin.  Before the players even entered the field, all the fans were cheering and singing on both sides.

Photo Aug 06, 11 55 33 AMPhoto Aug 06, 11 55 48 AM

When the players entered to shake each others’ hands, each side of fans produced colored gas that matched the two teams. I had never seen anything like it or heard sports fans so loud, it was like being at a concert!

Photo Aug 06, 11 57 02 AMPhoto Aug 06, 11 57 15 AM

Once the gas faded away, the game begun!  Previously, I had attended a lot of Mads’ football games, and through that, I caught on to a lot of the rules which made watching this game a lot easier!  The Brøndby fans were insane!  They were all constantly standing and shouting and singing.  I don’t know how they could all be so high energy for so long!  Every time the ref ruled in favor of Brønby, the crowd went wild in praise, and every time the ref ruled in favor of FCK, the crowd got pretty angry haha.  It was so fun for me to experience!!

Photo Aug 06, 12 05 20 PMPhoto Aug 06, 12 01 28 PMPhoto Aug 06, 11 56 25 AMPhoto Aug 06, 2 11 49 PMPhoto Aug 06, 1 54 47 PMPhoto Aug 06, 1 51 58 PM

By halftime, no one had scored a goal, but Brøndby had gotten so close a handful of times, and FCK was kept constantly on defense.  At halftime, we all went to the bathroom and got some sausages!  These sausages were so weird, because usually, the sausage is in the bread, but here, they came separately, and you had to dip the bread and sausage into ketchup.  Very weird.


After halftime, the game started back again!  For the longest time, no one scored a goal.  In the past, FCK had always won against Brøndby, but 89 minutes into the game, Brønby scored the first goal of the game, and the crowd went insane!  I was sososososo happy when Brøndby finally scored!  Everyone was jumping up and down and cheering.

Photo Aug 06, 2 20 55 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 15 14 PMPhoto Aug 06, 1 52 01 PMPhoto Aug 06, 1 51 56 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 02 06 PM

It was such a great moment!!  That was until, the FCK fans started to get rowdy.  I guess the FCK fans weren’t too fond of our cheers, because they started to try and flood the field.  They started fighting with the security guards who were trying to hold them back.  Somebody even threw a firework into the Brøndby crowd.

Photo Aug 06, 1 56 41 PMThe game was supposed to be in overtime, but everything had to pause.  The security guards could no longer hold the crowd back, and reinforcements had to come in.  It was a bit shocking to see.  And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared.

Photo Aug 06, 2 01 18 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 01 33 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 04 20 PM

After twenty minutes of waiting for the FCK fans to get under control, the game was finally able to resume for the last few minutes.  Brøndby won!! After overtime ran out, the players thanked the fans and everyone was jumping, dancing, and singing songs.  It was so high energy and fun!

Photo Aug 06, 2 21 14 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 18 12 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 18 53 PMPhoto Aug 06, 2 19 32 PM

We left the game feeling so happy!!  Although I was so sad that it was my last night, seeing the game with Mads and Oskar was such a great way to end my stay.  They both mean so much to me, and I can’t wait to go back and see another Brøndby game with them!

Photo Aug 06, 2 07 54 PM

5 Happy Things

  1. Oskar let me borrow his scarf so I could look like a true fan!
  2. I was happy that Mads took me to the game so that I had something to do instead of just being at home and sad
  3. The game was so exciting especially when we scored a goal in the last minute!
  4. I was happy that we got home safe and didn’t run into any crazy FCK fans.
  5. Oskar let me keep his Brøndby shirt so that I could remember the game and support Brøndby from Raleigh.

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