My First Three Weeks Back

Three weeks ago today, I woke up at 4am so that I could catch a flight back to America.  Since Mads and I woke up so early, it felt like a dream that our time together in Denmark was coming to an end (for now), and I was leaving.  Even though the situation didn’t feel real, it was still a very sad moment, and an even sadder goodbye (many, many tears).  I never thought I could miss anyone so much!



Photo Aug 07, 5 48 32 AM

My first flight left around 8 am, and then, I had stopovers in Iceland and Boston.  I was very nervous about going through customs, because somehow I had two German visas which I thought might be a little confusing for passport control.  When my plane landed in Iceland, I think I was shaking when I gave the guy my passport and visas.  It took him a while to figure everything out, but everything turned out alright!  The scariest part of my trip was over!

Photo Aug 07, 5 25 40 PM

At the airport, I actually managed to meet four exchange students that were going to NC State to study.  What are the odds?!  It was nice to have someone to talk to in the airport, but at the same time, I was feeling so sad about leaving Mads and Denmark, so it was a little harder to make conversation.  Looking back, it was probably good for me to have company, so I wouldn’t be sad AND alone.

The next stop was Boston.  It felt so weird when we finally landed.  I was actually back in America.  Everything felt so real and no longer like a dream.  The stopover was long, but I managed to Skype with Mads for an hour or so which made me feel better.  Before I knew it, I was on my last flight to Raleigh.

Photo Aug 07, 4 20 37 PM

On the plane, I sat next to this lady who was also from Greensboro, and she talked a lot.  I always get stuck sitting next to the talkers on planes, but she was really nice, so it wasn’t too bad.  At the end of our flight, we started to land and almost touched down on the runway, but then the plane went back up in the air.  Everyone was so confused, and the pilot wasn’t telling us what was going on.  The lady beside me started telling me about how her husband was on a plane during 9/11, and all I could think was that now was not the time to tell me this!!!  Eventually, the pilot announced that they couldn’t land, because it was raining too hard, and he lost vision of the runway.  We stayed in the air for about twenty minutes and finally landed when the sky cleared up.

I wasn’t particularly happy to be in the US, but I was happy to see my family in the airport, and I was definitely happy to be done with traveling!  My mom, dad, and sister were all there to greet me as I got off the plane.  It had been almost 7 months since I had seen them (in real life).  My sister was a lot smaller than I had remembered haha.

Photo Aug 07, 8 34 00 PM

After that day, the next three weeks were quite a whirlwind.  I started a new job, I moved back into my dorm (which is an international dorm, so I got to meet all the new exchange students for the semester), and I visited my whole family.  Not to mention, classes started, and I now had homework, readings and quizzes, aaaaand I’m currently trying to finish up my application for studying abroad in the spring.

Photo Aug 11, 7 10 40 AM
All the girls!
Photo Aug 21, 5 56 14 PM
My roommate for the semester, Sara!

Between school and working two jobs in order to save to study abroad, my life has been very hectic.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful guy to send me snaps and texts and Skype me everyday, and remind me why all my hard work will pay off in the end.  I miss him so much!! But in just one week, he’s going to come and visit!  Time could not pass sooner!

Photo Aug 08, 8 37 54 AM

5 Happy Things from Today

  1. Skyping Mads is always the highlight of my day!  Plus, he might have found an apartment for us for when I come back to Denmark!
  2. I really enjoy working at my new job and interacting with all the students in my classes (I will explain more about my job in another post).
  3. I got to have lunch with this girl that I studied with in Germany last semester, and it was so nice to talk to her again and catch up.
  4. I got my first paycheck today from my new job, so that definitely felt good!
  5. I found out that one of my friends has also decided to apply to Copenhagen Business School which I am very excited about!!

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