Camping on the Beach

I have lived in Alexander Hall, the international dorm of NC State, for all my semesters in the US including this one.  Every semester, we all rent tents from the gym, and head to the beach for the weekend.  About a hundred people usually go, and it’s always so much fun!

Since I have a car, I usually volunteer to drive people on trips like this one.  The people in my car can really make or break my trip, because the drive feels even longer than it already is if I’m annoyed with my passengers.  Luckily, this trip I had a great car!  Paola, Jose ( both from Ecuador), Tomas, and Carlos ( both from Spain) were the first people to call dibs on the seats in my car, and it worked out great! For one, I’m not the best DJ, so I was happy when Paola volunteered to play music for everyone.  She had such a great oldies playlist with songs that I had not heard in a long time.  Listening to songs that I can sing along to really makes the time fly by!

On Saturday, we left Alexander around 9 am and headed South towards Wilmington.  Along the way, we stopped at grocery store and McDonalds to stock up on food and drinks for the night.  Last year, I only bought snack foods which was a big mistake, because I got so hungry! So this year, I bought a foot long sub so that I was set for the whole night.  We arrived at Carolina Beach around 12 and unloaded Cosmo (that’s my car’s name).

Photo Aug 27, 8 52 31 PM
Paola is beside me in the front, and Tomas, Jose, and Carlos are sitting from left to right in the back seat.

It took me quite a while to find a parking spot, and when I did, it had to be at least a mile away from the campsite.  Fortunately, I was with two other drivers, and as we walked along the side of the road back to the beach, a girl from our dorm noticed us and picked us up.  We were really grateful that she saved us from walking an hour!

Once we got to the beach, it was another good walk to our campsite, but this walk I didn’t mind, since I could walk along the water with my shoes off.  I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get to the campsite!

When we arrived, everyone was busy helping each other set up tents and sleeping mats.  I shared a tent with Kris (American) and Natascha (Danish).  I was very happy that they asked me to share a tent with them, because it’s a lot cheaper than renting my own! (And I also didn’t have to set up the tent alone hehe)

Photo Aug 26, 2 35 52 PMPhoto Aug 26, 2 36 18 PM

Photo Aug 27, 4 11 19 PM
Me / Natascha / Kris

After everything was set up, the first thing I did was get in the water (well actually, it was put on sunscreen).  The water felt so good and warm, it was the perfect time to be at the beach with such fun people!

Photo Aug 27, 2 54 01 PM
Linda (Swedish) / Me / Natascha / Astri (Swedish)
My Roomie, Sara! (Kiwi)
Photo Aug 27, 2 53 38 PM
with Alek (American)
Photo Aug 28, 2 25 58 AM
(almost) The Whole Alexander Crew

The whole day was awesome, and I had a great time and got to know people more than I did before this trip.  This trip is always in the beginning of the semester not just because it’s warm, but also because this experience is a great way to bond with the new people your living with!

We did a lot of silly stuff like joust, play games, make a human pyramid, and attempt to do handstands.  I can not stress the word ATTEMPT enough haha.

Photo Aug 28, 1 46 54 PM

Photo Aug 27, 8 14 00 PM
This was our best attempt.

Photo Aug 27, 8 24 21 PMPhoto Aug 27, 8 26 18 PM

As you can see, my pyramid skills are much stronger than my handstand/cartwheel skills.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a picture of myself than the last picture shown above.  I look totally ridiculous!

Photo Aug 26, 7 40 27 PM

Although the day was great, the night was pretty terrible for me.  I woke up around 2 or 3 am with a terrible migraine on one side of my head.  Since I had no pillow,  I decided it was best for me to leave the tent and sit out on a beach chair, so my head could be elevated.  Everyone was already asleep except George who came over and checked if I was ok.

I was telling him about my migraine when the beach patrol rolled up and saw all the litter left on the ground.  They demanded me and George to wake people up and clean up everything.  I understand why the patrol guys were upset about the litter, but I don’t know why  they were patrolling so late or why this matter couldn’t wait until the morning.  I felt so bad waking people up and was not in the mood to pick up all the litter with a migraine, but I didn’t want to get into trouble.  A few people got out of their tents and helped.  Eventually, the patrolmen were satisfied and left us alone.  Strangely enough, after they left, I was able to go right to sleep!

I got up in the morning around 6 am, because the sun was so bright, and to my surprise, my migraine was gone!  It was a miracle that it just went away without pain medication, and I was definitely grateful that it did, because it would have been so horrible to try and drive home with a migraine!

To make a great morning even better, I got to see the sunrise, and it was beautiful.

Photo Aug 27, 2 58 45 PM

5 Happy Things about the Trip:

  1. I was happy that I had such a great car!
  2. I was happy that the girl saw us on the side of the road and made our long journey into a very short trip.
  3. I was happy that once we set up the tent, I was able to Skype Mads and let him know that I made it to the beach safely!! (highlight of my day)
  4. I am very happy about the handstand pictures, because they are just so hilarious.
  5. I am happy that my migraine went away without medicine, so I could drive home in peace.

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