Mads is in America!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post anything, but I will explain everything that’s been going on!  The number one thing that’s been happening is that me and Mads are finally in the same place again!  Last Saturday, I picked him up from the Raleigh airport, and I was so excited that I could barely contain myself!!  He still looks just as handsome as I remember, hehe.


It was so surreal to see him in America again.  It has been a little over a year since we first met each other at NC State and about 8 months since he has last been in the US.  He was very excited to see me, of course, but he was also excited to see our University and some of his American friends again.

After I picked him up from the airport, the first place I took him was Steak N’ Shake, because Denmark just doesn’t make burger and fries like the US, and we also both love their garlic burger.  I was too excited to eat anything, but he did share his fries with me, and we split a huge strawberry banana milkshake.  So delicious!


The rest of Saturday and Sunday we just rested and enjoyed each other’s company.  It felt so great to spend all my time with him again.  The past three and a half weeks just haven’t been the same without him here with me!

Since Monday was a holiday (Labor Day), and I had no class, we decided it would be the perfect time to do something fun and go to Carowinds!  Carowinds is a big rollercoaster park just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  I really wanted to show him this amusement park, because he took me to the amusement park, Tivioli, in Copenhagen.  He loves roller coasters and rides, so I wanted to show him how big the roller coasters in America are!  We asked two of my friends to come along with us, so they could experience it, too! (Astri is from Sweden and Natascha is from Denmark)

Monday morning, I was not feeling all that great.  Actually, I was feeling pretty terrible.  I was having some major stomach issues, but I decided to stick it out and go to Carowinds anyways, because we had all already bought the tickets, and I was the driver, so no one else could get there without me.

We left around ten and got to Carowinds around one in the afternoon.  By the time we got there, I was feeling a little better, so that was good.  Everyone could see all the rides from the parking lot, and they were getting so excited.  They had never seen rollercoasters so big in their life!  We decided to start small and work our way up to the bigger ones, but apparently, even the smaller rollercoasters were bigger and faster than the ones that they had tried previously!

Everyone’s favorite ride was the Fury.  It is the tallest, fastest gigacoaster in the world (a gigacoaster is a rollercoaster that does not go upside down).


It was really hot that day, and there is a water park in Carowinds as well, so we also tried out a few water slides.  There was this one water slide that you had to slide down on your back with your hands behind your head.  We waited in line the longest for this slide, and it ended up being everyone’s least favorite, because the slide hurt all of our backs, but everything else was fun!  I liked the waterslide where I could slide down on a big tube with Mads.  That was the best!

Astri / Mads / Me / Natascha

The whole time at Carowinds, my stomach was doing ok, but around dinner time, I started to have problems again.  We had tried everything we wanted to, so we decided that it was probably the best to go home.

Once we got back home, everything went kind of downhill for me.  I got really sick with a stomach virus and had to go to the doctor.  My phone wouldn’t charge, so it died.  A few days later, I was feeling good enough to go get my phone fixed, but my car wouldn’t start.  Basically, life was really testing me, haha.  But by Saturday, everything was back to normal!  My immune system, phone, and car were all fixed!!

5 Happy Things from Labor Day

  1. I was so grateful that my stomach issues went away while I was in Carowinds, and I was able to actually ride some rides.
  2. I was happy that everyone really enjoyed the amusement park and had so much fun trying all the big rollercoasters!!
  3. The Fury is sooooo fun!!
  4. I had never tried the waterpark part of Carowinds before, so I was happy that I got to try that.
  5. Of course, I was very happy that Mads was there to support me when everything went wrong.  I would have totally broken down without him, so I’m very, very grateful to have him.

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