Life Update

A lot has been going on these past few weeks, and every day is super hectic, but here’s a little update about what I’ve been up to!

1.  Group Skyping with Friends

Carina (top left) / Mads and I (top right) / Charley (bottom left) / Oskar (bottom right)

I realize that we all look super bored in the screenshot, but I swear it was a good Skype haha.  It was so great to hear from all of them.  Since Mads was here in Raleigh, I thought it would be a good idea to organize a group chat with all of our friends (backstory: everyone pictured in the screenshot studied at NC State last fall on exchange, and that’s how we met each other and became friends!).  It’s sometimes a little difficult to communicate with each other, because we are all from different countries, and I’m 6 hours behind all of them.  Carina is from Austria, Charley is from Sweden, and Oskar is from Denmark.  But I am so happy that we are all still keeping in touch, because these are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met, and I really miss when we were living in the same place. 😥

2. I got a new job!

Well it’s an internship actually, but the position is paid so it’s still a job.  Last Thursday morning, I had an interview with three lovely ladies from Human Resources in the Department of Academic and Student Affairs.  I got all dressed up for it, and when it was over, I felt really good about how I presented myself and answered their questions.  I was feeling pretty confident.


They told me that I could hear from them about their decision as early as the next day (Friday).  So all Friday morning, I was constantly checking my email to see if I had heard back from them.  It was Mads’ last day, and we were eating at this Mongolian restaurant for lunch for our final date before he had to leave.  I was just about to get my food when I saw the email. They offered me the job!!


I was sosososooooo happy, because since I am planning to study abroad next semester, I need to save more money.  I had been stressing a little about money lately, so when I read that I had been offered the internship, I felt so relieved!!  Now, I am happy to say that I have met with the human resource department again, and I am scheduled to start my job next Tuesday.  So excited!!

3. Mads is Gone… 😦

So unfortunately, my final news is the worst news.  Last Friday, Mads’ trip to visit me had come to an end, and he had to fly back to Copenhagen.  The past two weeks with him had been so much fun!  You really appreciate you’re time with someone, when you know that you’re time together is limited.  We still Skype and talk to each other everyday, so it’s bearable, but I miss him a lot.  Buuuuut, at least it’s less than two weeks until I board a plane and visit him in Denmark.  Time can’t go any faster!!


5 Happy Things (from today)

  1. My ballet class went very well this morning, since I had practiced the harder combinations before class started.
  2.  I had a meeting with my business school study abroad advisor, and she told me that I was one of four applicants to apply to Copenhagen Business School, and there are three or four spots open (she couldn’t remember), so that’s exciting!!!
  3.  I loved skyping Mads and telling him all about my advising meeting!
  4.  I was happy that I prepared for my German class, because we were going over this really hard text (thank you, Google Translate).
  5.  Everyday, I always enjoy eating dinner with the girls and talking about our day.  I had a very busy day, and I always know that I can look forward to dinner where I can relax and vent!

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