Making My Way Across the World!

I have been waiting for so long to be back in Denmark, and I finally made it!!  But it wasn’t easy.  Way back in July, I got this plane ticket, and it was the cheapest that I could find.  Usually cheap flights have some weird layovers, and this one was no exception!

1st Stop: Raleigh, North Carolina

My first flight flew out of RDU (Raleigh-Durham Airport).  It’s always convenient to fly out of Raleigh, because it’s very close to NC State, and my Aunt is usually able to drop me off.  I really like the airport, because it’s small but nice and easy to navigate.  My flight left around 7pm, and the sky was beautiful as we took off!


2nd Stop: Boston, Massachusetts

After a pretty short flight, I landed in Boston.  I like the Boston airport because there is lots of plugs, so I could charge my phone practically everywhere.  Also, while I was waiting at the gate, a lady sat in front of me with a dog!  It was so cute and well trained.  One day, I want a dog that I can take on planes with me.  I think it was a Bichon Frise, and his name was Buddy.

My stopover was only two hours, so it wasn’t too bad.  I read a little and ate a lot of snacks.  My next plane left around 11:30pm, so I was getting pretty sleepy.  This was going to be my longest plane ride too.  Eight and a half hours long.  But it turned out to be not that bad.  They had a lot of good movies, shows and music, and they served some pretty good meals.  It didn’t feel like almost nine hours, which was really nice.

3rd Stop: Istanbul, Turkey


So this stop is what made my ticket so cheap.  Yes, I had to fly all the way over to Istanbul in order to get to Copenhagen.  Doesn’t really make a lot of sense.  When I arrived, it was 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday (I left Tuesday night).  The airport was ok, but I wasn’t able to find out where my gate was going to be until an hour before my flight was about to leave, which was a little annoying.  Once I finally found my gate, the people there were very chatty.  I talked to this one Danish businessman who thought I was Danish about Denmark and me studying at Copenhagen Business School.  Then I talked to this other guy who was a traveling musician, and he had been on the same flights as me since Raleigh (what a coincidence).  I was so happy to get on my last flight and finally be able to see Mads again.

4th Stop: Copenhagen, Denmark

I was so happy when I went through customs and saw Mads waiting for me outside.  It was a dream come true.  I’m so happy to be back here at home with him! 🙂


5 Happy Things

  1. Buddy the Bichon made my stopover soooo nice.
  2. Turkish airlines had some pretty good food, which was nice.
  3. I was able to sleep on the plane and still be able to sleep when I got to Denmark.
  4. Seeing Mads waiting for me in the airport made me SO happy.
  5. When I got to my bike from the airport,  I saw that Mads’ mom had bought a basket for my bike, and I was so soooo excited to see it.

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