A Day in Lund

The day after I arrived in Copenhagen, Mads had to study in the library all day, because the next day, he was going to defend his thesis.  I decided to take this as an opportunity to visit one of my favorite people, Charley!  Charley had studied abroad at NC State for a year, but I only studied with him for his first semester, because I studied abroad in Germany for his second semester.  Anyways, during our semester together, we grew very close and became besties.  So when I went to Germany, I was very sad that we couldn’t hang out everyday anymore!  We had visited each other a few after I had left, but I have never visited him at his home university in Lund, Sweden.  I was sad that Mads had to study and couldn’t come with me, but I was very excited to go and see him in his native land.

I was a little nervous about getting to Sweden, because I had no data.  So I took a whole bunch of screenshots of different trains I could take there and back and hoped for the best!  It turned out to be absolutely no problem, since I knew the way on bike to the train station, and I had a lady help me buy the ticket.  When I finally arrived in Lund Central Station, Charley was there to greet me!  First, I had to get a coffee, because I was pretty jet-lagged still, but after that, the tour began!

I forgot how much smaller the coffees are in Europe than in the US! It was so expensive for such a little coffee! (side note, Charley’s eyes aren’t normally like that, I just caught him mid-blink)

The first place we went was to this very old church.  It was older than America itself (well, a lot of things are older than America).  It was a very pretty church and underneath there was this statue of a guy called the Giant.  The story goes (if I remember correctly) that, while the church was being built, a Giant made a bet with the priest of the church, and the bet was that if the priest does not figure out the Giant’s name by the time the church was finished being built then the Giant would take the priest’s eyes.  And so, the priest could not figure out the Giant’s name for a long time.  The last brick was being put down and the Giant thought he had won the bet, but then out of no where, the priest comes running around the corner and says the Giant’s name.  The Giant got so angry that he tried to destroy the church, but when he tried, he shrunk down and turned to stone.  And you can see him under the church hugging a pillar today!

You know, the biggest cliffhanger of the story is what is the Giant’s name!  I will never know I guess…

Then, we went was to the main building on Lund University!  There he showed me where people studied, where they held their formal balls (I wish NC State had balls, that sounds like so much fun!!!), and where the university bar was.  It was such a nice building, I would definitely want to study there.

Charley and Lund University main building

After his seeing the university building, we went into this place that looked like some sort of retail shop.  It looked like nothing from the outside.  But once we went through this hall and down some stairs, we came to some old ruins from a church!


It was so bizarre and so random!  Apparently, a lot of dead people were buried under and around the church.  They had one skeleton on display, and I think it was the first time I had ever seen a real-life skeleton, but I’m not sure.

The skeleton was behind some glass so it was hard to get a good angle.

After that, we walked through this really fancy food market and had lunch at this burger place where you could build your own burger.  Let me just say that I am quite the burger creator, because my burger was soooo good!

When we finished with lunch, we were walking to a museum, and I saw this beautiful building!  It was Lund University Library, and it looked amazing.


Inside, we were looking at some of the book exhibits and there was one about forbidden books, which was pretty interesting.  Some of them were a bit weird…

“The Devil’s ABCs”

We walked through the museum afterword, which was very nice and abstract.  It was supposed to be a museum of artistic process, but Charley and I weren’t really sure what that meant.  But everything was still cool to look at!  Usually in museums, all the art is very spread out and sorted, but what I liked about this one was that everything was clustered together in no particular order.  I was always trying to pick out my favorite piece in the room, but there was so much to look at.


We then walked to Charley’s apartment, and on the way, we came across this hotel building that changes colors when the sun hits it.  I thought it was sooooo cool!!  The building would turn from red to orange to yellow to green depending on where the sun was in the sky.

When I first saw the building, it was this color.
But when I got closer, it turned yellow! So cool!

Next, I got to see Charley’s apartment, which was so cute and retro on the outside.  I finally had wifi there, so I was able to figure out my train home, and we decided we had time to go to one more thing.  Before I came on this trip, Charley told me to research something that I wanted to do, so I did, and I found Jakriborg.  Jakriborg is this cute little neighborhood right outside of Lund, and all the houses are small, pointed and colorful.  It looked sooooo European!


Everything was so beautiful, and it was so nice to see Charley again!  I am definitely happy that I took a day trip up to see him, and I am definitely going to do it again!

5 Happy Things

  1. Mads made me breakfast before I left.  I love his banana pancakes!
  2. I was happy that I didn’t fall asleep on the train, because I was really close to which would have been very bad.
  3. I’m so happy that I got to see Charley and catch up with him and just talk about life for a whole day!
  4. I’m happy that I got to see Lund and experience a new place (and see Jakriborg)
  5. After lunch, I got these really nice chocolates, and they were heavenly!

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