Mads’ Big Day!

Today was the day that Mads was scheduled to defend his thesis!  Two weeks before, he had turned in his thesis, and he had studied all day before to prepare for defending it.  It is tradition in Denmark for friends and family to be there while he defends his thesis and wait for him outside the room.  Once he’s done, then the family and friends celebrate with him with champagne, chocolate, and strawberries.

Mads is not usually nervous, but when we arrived an hour before his appointment to defend at Copenhagen Business School, he was looking pretty nervous.  Everyone assured him that he would do great!  Eventually, it was time for Mads to go in and defend his thesis!  I was so nervous waiting for him, but I knew he would do fine.  He came out after about forty-five minutes.  He was nervous, because he wasn’t sure how he did.


They called him back in to give him his results, and he came back out a few minutes later.  He passed! We were all so happy for him that he had done his best, and that he was finally not a student anymore.  I was so proud!


To celebrate, we went outside and popped open the champagne!  It was really nice to just stand around and chat, and everyone was in such a happy mood, because we were all so proud of Mads.  We all drank from cute little plastic glasses, too, which I really liked.



Everyone also gave him graduation presents!  For his mom’s present, she told him that she would pay for him to get glasses, because Mads has really bad eyesight and doesn’t wear contacts or glasses.  I was very excited about this, because then he could finally see me! Haha, no but actually, I think glasses would be very good for him, because it’s about time he doesn’t see the whole world all blurry.  Plus, I think he would look very handsome in glasses.

Mads tried on his dad’s glasses just to see what he would look like.  He wasn’t totally sold haha.

After we finished celebrating outside, we all went to eat together for an early dinner.  It was Mads’ idea to go to this really good food market called West Market.  It was such a great idea, because then everyone could choose what they wanted, and nobody had to settle.


I was shocked to see that there was a chicken and waffles restaurant!  Chicken and waffles are my favorite food and a traditional soul food of the south.  There are restaurants everywhere in the southern part of the US that serve chicken and waffles exclusively.  I had never met anyone outside of the US who had tried chicken and waffles let alone made them, which is why I was so shocked to see a chicken and waffles vendor in Denmark especially since Denmark is so healthy!  I was very skeptical of what this Danish chicken and waffles would be like, but I had to try them to find out.


It was very delicious, but not what I had expected and definitely not like southern US chicken and waffles.  These waffles were very spicy, while what I am used to eating is usually sweet.  Either way, it was a very tasty dinner, and I’m happy that I got to try some chicken and waffles from another country.

After we finished eating dinner, it was time to go see the ballet!  A few weeks before, I started a ballet gym class at NC State.  Part of the curriculum was that we were supposed to go see a ballet and write a paper about it.  They gave some suggested ballets to go see, but I thought that it would be much cooler to see one in Denmark with Mads.  I got my teacher’s permission, and we bought the tickets!  We went to see Silk & Knife 2, which was a set of four dances choreographed by Jim Kilian.  I had never been to a ballet before, so I was really excited and so was Mads.  When we arrived, the building was so beautiful!


An hour before the ballet was supposed to start, somebody was going to say a little bit about what the play was about.  It was going to be spoken in Danish, but I really wanted to go to it, because I needed to understand the ballet in order to write a paper about it.  I made Mads sit through twenty minutes of a lady talking about the ballet and the choreographer, but it was all for nothing, because Mads has a terrible memory and couldn’t tell me anything afterwords, except that in the second dance the male dancers were going to be born out of dresses (in retrospect, the second dance was the most complex dance, so he actually was helpful in telling me that).


We took our seats waaaaaay up high on the balcony.  The tickets said that we could have full view of the stage, but that was not really the case.  When the ballet was about to start, we moved towards the center, so we wouldn’t have to crane our necks to watch the performance.


The ballet turned out to be very… interesting.  Maybe it wasn’t the best ballet to see for my very first time, but it was definitely interesting to watch.  Me and Mads really enjoyed ourselves, and finished the night off with a Big Mac from McDonalds.  What a wonderful date! 🙂


5 Happy Things

  1. I am so proud of Mads and how he defended his thesis.  He is the smartest guy I know!
  2. His mom gave him glasses, which I am really excited about (more excited than he is).
  3. I got to try Danish chicken and waffles!
  4. I am try that I got to cross another first off the list and see my first ballet with Mads.
  5. I tried something new with my hair, and I’m going to do it more often!

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