Our New Apartment!

Mads has been trying to get his own apartment for a while, and a few weeks ago, he got the news that his offer for an apartment was accepted!  Getting an apartment in Copenhagen is very difficult.  Usually you join some sort of union, and the longer you are in the union the better!  Some parents enlisted their child in the union when they were born, so that they could get a nice apartment (it is now illegal to do that).  Mads has been in the union for I think around 6 years, which means he can get apartments with a medium or low waiting list.  Over the past few months, he’s been sending in many offers, but now, it has finally worked!

Mads set up an appointment to see the apartment with me while I was in Denmark!  I was so excited, because I love decorating, so I couldn’t wait to see what the apartment looked like on the inside.  When we arrived, I realized that the building number our apartment is in is my favorite number! (43)


We when inside and took pictures of all the rooms and took measurements of everywhere that we could think possible.  I really liked the inside, because it was really bright with a lot of windows and the rooms were pretty big, except for the bathroom, but small bathrooms are pretty common in Copenhagen.

After we had finished figuring out the apartment dimensions, it was time to go to Ikea.  Now in Denmark when a couple goes to Ikea, they call it the Ikea Test, because lots of couples apparently fight in Ikea over what to buy.  I love going to Ikea, so I was pretty excited, and I had faith that we would do really good on the Ikea Test, since we both had very good taste.


The first thing we did when we got to Ikea was eat some food.  I love the meatballs with cranberry sauce so much.  After I had eaten my delicious meal, it was time to sketch out a floor plan.  Back in my middle school days, I was a bit of a nerd, and in my free time, I enjoyed drawing floor plans, so I had a bit of experience when it came to this.


Once the floor plan was all drawn out, we headed to go shop.  I love all the little rooms and houses in Ikea’s showroom.  I think they’re so cute!  We went around all the different rooms, and mostly agreed on everything that we liked and disliked.  Here are some of the pieces that were our favorite:


We didn’t end up buying any furniture, because Mads wouldn’t be getting the keys until I left, but he wanted to go shopping with me, so he could buy furniture that we both liked when I was back in the US.  We did buy a lot of little things though, and overall, we scored ourselves a 9/10 (there was one small, tiny incident, but other than that, we passed with flying colors).  At the end of our trip, we finished it off with french hotdogs.  Mads loves them so much, it was all he could talk about the whole day.


5 Happy Things

  1. I loved the apartment, and I could definitely imagine us living there!
  2. I got to eat those Swedish meatballs with the cranberry sauce. Soooo good.
  3. Mads and I agreed on almost everything, and we passed the ikea test!
  4. I was really happy we took the bus there and back, because I was so tired after walking around all of Ikea.
  5. It was my last night with Mads, and I felt so grateful that I got the chance to visit him during my semester in the US.  It makes the whole long distance thing soooo much easier when we can see each other regularly.

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