A Day in Duke Gardens

One Saturday, some friends and I decided to go explore duke gardens.  It was Alek’s idea, because he loves to do photography, and he thought that the gardens were beautiful.  He was right!  Natascha, Shivani, and I had so much fun taking pictures with him, walking around the garden, and just talking about life.  Here are my favorite pictures that Alek took:


I am always smiling, so it was really hard to try and act serious, because that is just sooooooo not me!  I am way too silly to ever be a model.  Eventually, he gave up on me, but Shivani and Natascha knew how to work the camera!


The gardens were very big, but we managed to see all four sections!  By the end of the fourth section, I was very hungry, and when I get hungry, I am not the nicest person to be around, so we decided to head towards a cafe.  Unfortunately, the cafe was closed to cater a wedding, so we just ended up having to cut our trip short and head back to NC State.  But I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to take a day trip and explore something so close that I had never even seen.

To see more of Alek’s photography and brand check out his website!

The Human Experience

5 Happy Things from Today

  1. I had a lot of laughs trying to be serious for photos.
  2. I enjoyed all the talks about life and the future.
  3. I was very happy once I got back and got some food in me.
  4. Alek is very talented, and I loved how the pictures turned out!
  5. This was the last day of me being jetlagged from flying back from Copenhagen, and it was nice to feel back to normal again.

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