A Day at the Corn Maze

When I was younger, one thing that I did every year during fall was go to a corn maze.  Basically, a corn maze is exactly what it sounds like, a maze of corn.  Every year when the corn grows back, the farm will cut the corn in a different maze, so that there is a new maze every year.

I work in the Intensive English Program at NC State, and a group of students from Mexico just came to our program to study English for a month.  Since their arrival, we have started creating a lot of events for them, so that they can experience as much American culture as possible in a few short weeks.  We were brainstorming ideas on where to take them in a meeting, and I came up with the idea of taking them to a corn maze!

We got a big bus to come and pick us up with the students, and they drove us to Phillip’s Farm which was not too far away.  I was happy that I got to come along on the trip, because this was my first time actually getting to know the students.  I had taken them to Target a few days earlier, but I didn’t really get a chance to actually meet them and talk with them (or remember their names haha).

It was such a fun time and such a truly American trip that they got to experience.


All of the students were so nice, and I’ve actually gotten to hang out with them quite a bit since this trip, so I’m really happy that I got to meet them through IEP.  They are all so sweet and like to have a great time!

5 Happy Things from Today

  1. I got to skype my really good friend, Carina!  And it was soooo nice to talk to her.
  2. I have been semi productive haha.
  3. I haven’t posted anything in a while, because I’ve been so busy, so I’m happy that I finally have time to do personal things like write on this blog.
  4. I got to sleep in this morning! (a rare occasion)
  5. I have done a lot of online window shopping which is always a happy thing.  🙂

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