Washington D.C. ~ Day 1

Since I got accepted to go to CBS, I knew at some point I would have to go to D.C. and get my residence permit to study in Denmark.  Natascha and I were talking, and she had never been there, and I had only went for a day when I was 13, so we decided that we could make a trip out of it!  It would be a three day trip, so we wouldn’t miss much school.  At first, we wanted it to be Friday through Sunday, but when I looked at the available appointments online with the Danish consulate, the best time to make an appointment was Monday, so we booked the trip Sunday through Monday.


We woke up on Sunday bright and early, and left our dorm at about 8:30 am.  D.C. is surprisingly not that far away from Raleigh.  It is about a four and a half hour drive, which is nothing (in America).  On the way up, Natascha found this great play list on Spotify called “Sing Along Songs,” and it was amazing.  I loooove to sing when I drive, because it’s fun and keeps me awake and alert.  We were singing so much and so loud that are throats started to hurt by the end of it.

The drive was going so well, until a little light popped up on my dashboard signaling that one of my tires needed more air.  In all my 5 years of driving, I had never put air in my tires.  Not that my tires didn’t ever need air, but I have always had a friend in the car that knew what he was doing and put air in them for me (sounds a little pathetic, I know).  So when we got to the gas station, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and Natascha didn’t know what to do either.  I think when we tried to put air in the tire at first, we were actually letting a lot of air out, and we made the tire much worse.  It started to look pretty flat.


I kind of started to panic.  We were in this really small town, and we had already driven 2 hours from Raleigh.  The lady inside the gas station gave me this number of a guy that could help me with my tire, but it was Sunday, so he was in church (not really helpful).  Natascha and I decided to try again, and this time I think we did something right, because the tire started looking not-so-flat.  The little alert light was still on, but the tire looked good enough, so we decided to keep moving forward!

The rest of the drive breezed by, and we were in D.C. by 2 pm.  We immediately went to our airbnb, dropped our stuff off, and started to explore the town.  Unfortunately, the weather was not the best (rainy), but it didn’t stop us!

Look at that perfect parallel parking!


We started walking towards the Mall, and happened to run into the White House without even trying, so we decided to stop and take some pictures!


After our little photo shoot with the White House, we didn’t have a lot of time left, since the museums closed at 5 pm-ish, so we decided to go to the National Air and Space Museum, because everyone always raves about it.  I thought it was ok.  I was more into the space part than the planes part.  I did learn some cool facts, though:

  1. If I drove vertical towards the sky, it would only take an hour before I reached space.
  2. Nasa partnered with Disney Pixar to create Buzz Lightyear for Toy Story in order to get kids more interested in Space (I had no clue!).


After we were done exploring, we had enough time to go to one more museum, so we picked the Hirschhorn Museum.  I loved this museum.  Modern Art museums are definitely my favorite, because everything is just so cool to look at.


It was definitely one of the smaller museums, but I liked that!  It’s much easier to take in everything when you are not overwhelmed with a million exhibits.  Each level was completely different with different exhibits from different artists.  The main artist showcased was Ai Weiwei who is a political artist.  He made this really cool floor piece out of legos of some lesser known civil rights activists around the world.


The third floor was my favorite.  It had pieces from all different artists, and they were all so interesting.  The only thing I didn’t like was one exhibit which was in this dark room and consisted of 4 TVs hanging from the ceiling facing away from each other.  Each TV had a very disturbing looped video like a man taking off his face, and the noises made me cringe so much.  Natascha and I ran out of there as soon as we got in, because it was too disturbing!  If the point of art is to make the audience feel something, the artist definitely nailed it with this exhibit (not in a good way).


My favorite exhibit was the paper room.  It’s this big room full of white papers on the ground.  There were machines on the ceiling dropping papers down one by one.  I thought the room was so beautiful and peaceful, and all the papers kind of looked like snow!


At 6pm, we got kicked out, because the museum closed, so we decided to go shopping!  I am kind of a shopaholic, but not in the sense that I buy a lot of clothes, but more-so that I love to window shop.  I am addicted to window shopping!  Furthermore here in the US, all the good stores like Top Shop and Zara are only in bigger cities, so when I figured out that D.C. had a Zara (my favorite) I had to go!  We also went to HM afterwords, which was really nice (HM really stepped up there sweater game!).  I didn’t buy anything, but I took pictures of a few things for my Christmas list, of course.


Can you spot me and Natascha?

By the time we finished window shopping in HM, we were both starving.  On our way to the shops we had passed this restaurant called China Chilcano, which looked really good, and we were both craving Asian food (we assumed it was Asian food, since it had China in the name).  The only problem was that it was really starting to rain, neither of us had rain jackets or an umbrella, and it was a 13 minute walk away.  We debated for a little while what to do, but decided that the food was worth the getting wet, so we fast-walked all the way to the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant (soaking wet), they asked  us for our reservation, and I got so nervous, because we didn’t have one!  Did we walk in the rain for 13 minutes just to be turned away?!  Thankfully, they had room for us, and my worries were put at ease.  The restaurant turned out NOT to be Asian, but Peruvian with a Chinese and Japanese influences.  I had never tried Peruvian food before, so I was pretty excited!  Overall, the food was really good, but the dessert was by far the best.


To be honest, I could not tell you what I ate.  Some sort of fried spiral cookie and gelato on chocolate, but whatever it was, it was definitely heaven.  And the perfect way to end our night!  Day 1 in D.C. was a definite success!

5 Happy Things

  1. I loved singing alone in the car to all the childhood classics: Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Selena Gomez, Bieber, the whole crew.
  2. We made it all the way to D.C. with a semi-flat tire!
  3. I really enjoyed the Hirschhorn Museum.  It was tied for my first favorite out of all the museums we visited the whole trip.
  4. I am always happy any chance I get to go into Zara (you can ask Mads, I go to a Zara on every trip take, because I love it so much).
  5. We got such good food for dinner (without a reservation), and the dessert made me beyond happy.  Why can’t I eat that everyday????

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