Getting My Danish Visa!

So in order to get a Danish Student Residence Permit, you have to go turn in some documents and paperwork to a Danish consulate.  The closest Danish consulate to me is in D.C., which is why we went on this whole trip in the first place.

Monday morning at 9 am was the time my appointment was scheduled with the Danish consulate.  To say I was nervous and anxious was a definite understatement.  I had checked over my paperwork so many times just to make sure that I didn’t forget anything.  Me and Natascha got up early and drove over to the Embassy of Denmark.

We got there in plenty of time, just to find out that we were in the wrong location.  I had not looked for an address before my appointment, because I had just assumed that it would take place in Denmark’s Embassy.  I was WRONG.  After receiving the news and having a slight panic attack, I looked on my appointment sheet to find the correct address printed clearly on the page.  I felt so stupid.  (You know when you’re so nervous and anxious about something that you end up overlooking an important detail? Story of my life.)

I ended up having to go to this random hotel suite in downtown D.C..  D.C. traffic is insanity, so I arrived ten minutes late to my appointment.  I was so anxious about being late that I almost didn’t go inside to the appointment, but Natascha calmed me down and convinced me to at least try.  She was right.  When I got into the office, no one cared that I was late which was such a relief.

I was called back to an office promptly and was asked to show my documents and application.  Everything checked out just fine, except that I had only brought in my last bank statement and not the previous five months (you have to show proof of finances in order to obtain a student residence permit).  The lady let me run down to a FedEx and print off some more bank statements, thankfully.  Printing off the statements felt like it took ages. Once I was done, I raced back to the consulate and presented her with all five of the statements.  After that, I gave them my fingerprints and a photo, and I was good to go!  I felt so relieved.

This picture was taken later at night, because I didn’t want to forget the place I had so much trouble finding!  This is where the Consulate’s hotel suite was located.

My thirty minute appointment ended up taking over two hours with all the bumps in the road I had to go through.  We hadn’t eaten before hand, so by the end of it, we were really starving to eat some breakfast.  While Natascha was waiting in the lobby for me to finish my appointment, she researched good breakfast places to eat at nearby.  She found a restaurant called “Wicked Waffles.”  I looooove waffles, so I was definitely keen!

When we got there, I looked at the menu and saw chicken and waffles.  My favorite food!  I love to try chicken and waffles from different places, so once I saw it on the menu, I knew I didn’t have to look any further.  I have come to realize that chicken and waffles are different everywhere you go in the US.  Through my culinary investigations, I believe that the chicken and waffles in the South are more sweet, while the chicken and waffles in the North are more savory.  Either way, I love it!  So I was definitely happy eating my chicken and waffles after such a stressful morning.

Wicked Waffle

After our bellies were full, it was time to start the sight-seeing.  The night before we had developed a plan of what we wanted to do and what order we would do it in, so we kind of knew what we were doing (or at least thought we did).  First stop was the Lincoln/Washington Memorial, and then we went went around the water to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.


On our way around the water, we stopped and saw all of these birds swimming and washing themselves off in a puddle.  It was sooooo cute!  Natascha wanted me to take a picture of her with the birds, but when she bent down, they all flew alway except one fat bird, who I guess wasn’t afraid of Natascha.


After the Jefferson Memorial, we walked all the way back around the water in order to see the World War II Memorial.  This memorial was soooo beautiful with the fountain and the flags and such a good view of the Washington Memorial.  We walked around the circle until we found the pillar saying North Carolina!  Of course, we were obligated to take a picture in front of it.


After we had finished our photoshoot, we realized that maybe we didn’t do the best job at planning.  Although we did choose the most convenient route, we forgot that all the museums closed at 5:00-5:30 pm.  We had planned to go see so many museums, but then, we only had time to see one before they all closed.  We decided we would go see the National Gallery of Art before it closed and go to the rest of the museums the next day.

Just as we walked in the West Building of the National Gallery of Art, I get a phone call.  The consulate needed me to come back in straight away in order to redo my fingerprints and photo.  Why was everything going wrong????  It was almost as if the world did not want me to go to Denmark, but at least I was still in D.C.. Imagine if I had decided to drive in just for the appointment and then had driven back home.  That would have been a disaster!

We called an Uber and got back to the hotel suite that we had spent so many hours in that morning.  The ladies at the front desk felt sorry for us and made us some nice coffee and cups of water for all the complications we had been through that day.  I didn’t have to wait long before I was called back again to redo my fingerprints and photo.  The lady assured me that everything was ok now, and that the process was done (she was right!).

We finally left the hotel once and for all.  It was too late to go back to the National Gallery of Art, so we decided to try and go to a more “unique” museum, that was farther away from all the other museums, but it was open later and we were close by, so we decided to check it out.


Me and Natascha were very quiet as we walked through the halls of the Charles Sumner School.  It was one of the first African-American schools in D.C., but now, it houses memorabilia from all D.C. public schools.

We have a theory, and although I’ve googled it, I have yet to find online evidence, Natascha and I are almost 100% sure that that museum is haunted.  The vibe in all the exhibits of old classrooms and offices gave me the heebee jeebees!  Neither one of us wanted to admit it while we were in the museum (Haunted Houses 101: Never admit out loud that you think a house is haunted or else the ghosts will come out).  As much as I actually did enjoy the museum, I will probably never go in their again haha.

Natascha pretending to be the only student in this creepy classroom (see if you can spot the ghosts)
Me pretending to be an inspirational lecturer.
We are trying to look normal and take a mirror selfie, but really we are scared of the ghosts.

After our spooky experience, it was time to relax, forget about the haunted halls of the Charles Sumner School, and do what we do best: shop!  We went to Forever 21 (looked cool from the outside, but rather disappointing on the inside), and then back to HM and Zara.  I got these really nice pants from Zara which I’m happy about. 🙂


Dinner was definitely an interesting experience.  To give you a little backstory,  I did some research to try and find good restaurants before going on the trip, and found a couple of highly rated places, but I didn’t realize (until I got to D.C.) that the ones I had chosen were kind of far away, but they were all on the same street.  We thought (naively) that this street must be where all the cool and delicious restaurants are, since most of the restaurants I had found while researching were supposedly located there.

We went back to where my car was parked at the end of our shopping spree and drove over to the “cool” street with all the “great” restaurants we were so excited about.  We get out of the car, and I started to feel like this street was not the “cool” street I had expected.  As we walked on, a group of weird, old guys started catcalling us, and so we decided to cross the street and walk faster.  This place was pretty sketchy.  Just to make matters worse, I tried to find the restaurant we had been hoping to go to, but it wasn’t at the address I had found on google, so we had to find a plan b.

We ended up finding this curry place to eat at, and it was sooooooooooooo good.  Totally worth walking down that sketchy street.  I will admit that last year was the first time I had every tried curry (my mom’s allergic, so I never ate it growing up), so I don’t know if I really know what good curry is, but let me just tell you, this food made my stomach happy (what else matters?).  Another great dinner to end a great day!

5 Happy Things

  1. The best thing to come out of this by far is that I actually got my residence permit, so all the stress and confusion was all worth it!
  2. The way to my heart is through my stomach, and we had such great food!
  3. We managed to survive both the haunted Charles Sumner School and the sketchy street.
  4. Shopping (I don’t think I need to say more)
  5. Through all the ups and the downs of the day (and the trip in general), Natascha and I managed to laugh all the time.  I am so happy that she came with me on this trip! ❤

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