Natascha and I go on a REAL Spy Mission!

It was our last day in D.C., and we were pretty exhausted.  We still had a few museums we wanted to go see, but most importantly, we had a mission.  A real spy mission.  So we woke up early, and went to go eat breakfast.  We were so happy with the waffle place we had tried the morning before that we decided to go for another waffle place.  Lincoln’s Waffles is a breakfast diner right around the corner from the International Spy Museum, so it was the perfect breakfast option.  When we walked into Lincoln’s Waffles, we were greeted by the happiest man in the whole universe.  This guy was just loving life.  He cracked jokes all the time, and even offered to take a picture for us with our food.  You know when you meet people, and you wish you were related to them?  He would’ve been a great, cooky Uncle.

Me and Natascha oddly look very similar in this picture…

After we had filled our belly with blueberry pancakes, we headed over to the International Spy Museum to inquire about our mission.  They informed us that they needed our assistance at exactly 11:55 am, so we decided to go check out the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in the mean time.


The night before, we were planning out our day, and we asked our Airbnb host if he had any suggestions.  He told us that his favorite museum was the Postal Museum, so we decided to check it out, and it did not disappoint!  We got free vintage stamps, and I bought my christmas ornament souvenir from the gift shop (sparkly green and red plane).



But the best part of the museum was the Post Secret exhibit.  For those of you who don’t know, is a blog where people can mail in their secrets on a postcard.  The blog posts new secrets every Sunday, and they receive soooo many secrets, so now there is an exhibit in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum which showcases some of the postcards.


Here are some of my favorites:


We spent so much time in this exhibit reading all the secrets, and before we knew it, it was almost time for our mission!  We walked back over to the International Spy Museum and met up with all the other agents that were going to be on the mission.  Now, it was a top secret mission, so I was not allowed to document any part of it, and I am not allowed to tell anyone anything confidential, but I will let you know that our team got 5 out of 5 stars.  I would have expected nothing less, because we did a great job, and of course, saved the day.


Our next stop was the National Gallery of Art (since the visa people interrupted our last visit).  We went into the West Building first, and that was not my favorite.  Natascha and I realized that we are more modern-art-type of girls, so we breezed through this building and headed over to the East Building.


The East Building was definitely more my style.  Some of the art I recognized, and others we didn’t quite understand.


(Natascha looking confused at a blank white sheet on the wall and wondering how this is could be called art).

That museum was ok, but we had some time left before we headed home, so we headed back over to our favorite art museum, the Hirschhorn Museum.  We had some fun playing around with some of the art pieces.


By the time we finished walking around, we were both sooooo exhausted.  Even though we had only been in D.C. for a few days, we had done so much and had walked for miles and miles.  It was time to drive back, so that we could sleep in our own beds.

Unfortunately, we picked the worst possible time in the whole world to start driving.  5 O’Clock traffic.  And this isn’t the Raleigh rush hour traffic that I’m used to.  This is D.C. rush hour traffic – much worse.  We were standing still for an hour in a tunnel just trying to get onto the highway.  What should have been a four and a half hour trip home turned into a six hour trip home, but it wasn’t all bad, because we had our Sing Along Song playlist to jam out to the whole way.


Overall, I’d give the trip a 10/10.

5 Happy Things

  1. The guy at the diner made my whole day.  He was such a happy person!
  2. I loved reading all the post secrets.  They were so interesting!
  3. We completed our mission with flying colors!!
  4. We got everything done that we wanted to get done, so the trip was very successful.
  5. I was happy that Natascha played such good songs on the way home, so I could stay awake and have fun while being stuck in traffic!

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