It’s been a while…

Over the past one and a half weeks, Mads has been visiting me here in Raleigh, and it has been such a great time.  I got so used to him being here, so I was really sad to say goodbye to him today when I dropped him off at the airport. 😦  But now, I think it’s the perfect time to reminisce and write about the first day he arrived!

Last Wednesday, Mads was scheduled to fly into Raleigh’s airport at 2:30 pm.  I was so excited, I decided to make a little surprise for him that he could have when I picked him up!  I spent a long time thinking about what I could get him, and then it came to me… a board game!  We love to play board games, but I felt like we needed some more English board games for the apartment.

I walked on over to Target and picked up “Betrayal at House on the Hill.”  I have only ever played this game once, but I remember it being so much fun, and such a creative game, a perfect present for Mads.

Now a tradition that Mads and I have is that whenever it’s a special day or we give each other gifts, we make each other a riddle.  The riddle can really  have any message in it, but a lot of the time it’s a clue about what is being given.  I have become quite the pro riddle maker, and conjured up this one in the parking lot before picking Mads up.  See if you can solve it!


Once I finished getting the gift together, it was time to go wait for Mads at the airport.  When I got there, his flight had actually landed early, so I didn’t have to wait long at all in order to see Mads!


Reunited and it feels so good!  I was so happy when I saw him, because we had been away from each other for a month and a half (it doesn’t sound like a long time, but believe me, it was).  I think he was pretty happy to see me too.

I was so excited to go to the car, so Mads could see his surprise!  He was so happy, he had no clue!  He opened the card first, and started to try and solve the riddle.  He actually did a really good job at guessing what I was trying to say in the riddle, except he didn’t know one part, so I had to help him (who doesn’t know Rebecca Black’s song, “Friday”?)  After he solved the riddle, I let him open the present.  He loved the board game!  He had never heard of it before, but he thought it looked fun, so we are definitely going to play with friends when I get to Denmark.


There’s my quick little update!  More posts coming about the past one and a half weeks!

5 Happy Things

  1. I was happy that his plane arrived early, so he could be with me quicker!!
  2. I was sooooooo excited when I saw Mads in the airport.  Everything just felt right again.
  3. Mads loved his surprise, and did such a good job at solving the riddle!
  4. Straight after I picked Mads up from the airport (and after we ate lunch), Mads and I went to see a Charlotte Hornet’s game.  It was such a good game, because it went into overtime and then Charlotte won!
  5. We cuddled, and it was the best.

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