Hornets vs. Wizards – Mads in America


(Watch in HD for better quality)

Mads loves NBA, so whenever he gets a chance, he gets tickets to see an NBA game.  He doesn’t have a preference for a team, he just roots for whoever the home team is (unless LeBron James is on the other team, then we root for him!).  Here is a little video that I made about our time at the Hornets basketball game in Charlotte.

Here’s what we did before the basketball game!

5 Happy Things from Today

  1. Almost 40 people in my dorm has managed to get a horrible stomach virus, and I have managed to avoid it! (I don’t know how, because I have the immune system of a kindergartener)
  2. I have been very productive today with my studies.
  3. The dining halls have been slacking on the fruit lately, but today they finally had strawberries, and I ate so many of them.
  4. My roommate thought she caught the virus, but she feels fine now, so hopefully, my room is safe to sleep in tonight.
  5. I got emails about all the social events that will be happening during my orientation for Copenhagen Business School and it’s made me really excited!!!

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