1 Year Anniversary

Mads and I had our first anniversary last Wednesday!  We had talked about what we should do for it, and we decided that the best thing to do would be to surprise each other with a date every year instead of giving each other gifts.  So, since we were celebrating our first anniversary in America, we decided that it would only be suitable if I planned the first date.

This was not an easy task.  In Copenhagen, there is so much to do, and something is always happening.  But here in Raleigh, it’s not as exciting, and since we have already done so much here, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what we could do (especially when I don’t really have the money for anything too fancy).  It took a while, but eventually, I came up with a plan that had 4 parts.

Part 1: Picnic in the Rose Garden


Our date started at 1 pm, since that’s when my classes for the day ended.  I had heard that there was a rose garden close to campus, so I decided to surprise him and take him on a picnic there.  While I was waiting for the chicken tikka masala I ordered to to go from this Indian restaurant, I ordered some water and cookies from this cafe on campus from this app and gave Mads mysterious instructions to bring my big scarf and to pick up my order.  I told him to then go wait by a bank that was near the garden, and once the Indian food was ready, I joined him there.

We walked only for about five minutes, and we were there!  It was small, but very pretty garden.  It was really nice just to be by ourselves enjoying each others company.  We set up the picnic, and I realized that they hadn’t given us any utensils!  I ran back to the nearest restaurant (well, it was an ice cream place) and brought two plastic forks back to us.  The food was sooooo good.  Mads said it was his favorite food that he has tried in Raleigh so far, and I can definitely agree with that.  We ate way too much, but it was worth it.


After we finished eating, I gave him the card I made for him, and of course, there was a riddle.  The riddle gave hints about the day that I had planned for us.  He did a pretty good job at solving the riddle, but the hints were very vague, so he still couldn’t guess what we were going to do.


Can you solve my riddle?

After we had stuffed ourselves full, we headed back to campus to get into my car and drive to the next part of the date.

Part 2: Competition

Mads is super competitive.  Probably, the most competitive person I have ever met.  When he starts playing a game he becomes a totally different person.  Not in a bad way, but all his silliness and funniness goes out the window, and he becomes a very serious and focused person.  Focused to win.  Competitions are one of his favorite things in the whole world, so I initially had decided to take him to go play laser tag.


Back in my high school days, I was undefeated in laser tag amongst all my friends, so I decided if I had a chance at beating him at anything, laser tag would be it.  Unfortunately, when we got to the laser tag place, I realized that at 4pm on a Wednesday, there probably wouldn’t be many people looking to play, and it’s not really that fun if we play just us two.  Luckily for us, there was a big arcade in the same place as laser tag so we competed in other things like the arcade basketball game and air hockey.


We have competed in the basketball arcade game very often, because one of our friends has his own basketball game in his house.  Mads and I are both pretty good at the game, so our games can get pretty intense.  This arcade had a regular sized set of the basketball games and a HUGE size (you can see above). After playing both multiple times, we decided that I was better at the bigger sized ones, and he was better at the normal sized ones (although we were pretty even on both).


I am so not usually like to play air hockey, because I’m not very good at it, but that day, I won!  I was so happy, and Mads was so unhappy haha.  We did not play another air hockey match after I DEFEATED HIM.


He was so unhappy, he didn’t want me to take a picture of him and tried to hide, but I got him!!


We tried a few more games until we ran out of tokens.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t play laser tag, but we still had a lot of fun playing the other games.  We then left the arcade to go to the third part of our date.

Part 2.5: Listening to Mads sing Danish Disney Songs

This is “A Whole New World” (my favorite Disney song) but in Danish

It is so crazy for me to think that Mads grew up listening to all the Disney songs I know and love but in Danish.  So crazy.  I still can’t get over it.

Part 3: Cooking Dinner Together

One thing that Mads and I did a lot together in Denmark was cook together.  We talk about it a lot on Skype that we miss cooking together and cooking for each other, which is why I decided we should make dinner together for our anniversary.  I enlisted my Mom to have all the ingredients and the recipe ready for us when we arrived at her house.  It was so cute how everything was laid out with all the notes.  We followed the directions and made some really nice pasta.


Never would I have ever thought that I would enjoy cooking, but Mads makes everything so much fun.  When we do things together, everything is always better, because he is just so silly.


Part 4: Tanglewood Lights (The Big Surprise)

In North Carolina, Tanglewood Park puts on this huge light show every year for Christmas.  Basically, you slowly drive through the lights on this little windy road, and the lights are huge and amazing!  I remember when I was little, I would go see the lights every year for Christmas with my family, and it felt so magical.  I had told Mads about this place, and he really wanted to go, so I decided it would be the perfect thing to finish off our anniversary.  Before he came to visit me, I had told him that it was not possible for us to go, since it opened only in December (I lied).  I said this only to DECEIVE him and so I could surprise him for our anniversary, and it worked!

After dinner, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I let him in on the secret last part of the night.  He was so surprised and so excited to see all of the lights!  We hopped in the car one last time to the park.


The lights didn’t show up very well on the camera, but here are a few just to give you an idea about how great the lights were:


Halfway through, there is a Christmas market in a barn that you can park and go into.  It was very cozy.


The light show was the perfect way to end the night.  Maybe my date wasn’t expensive or extravagant, but Mads had fun, and we got to spend the whole day together which is all that really matters.  I cannot wait to see what he plans for me on our two year anniversary!!!


5 Happy Things

  1. I am so happy that I got to spend a whole year with such an amazing guy.
  2. The picnic turned out to be one of the highlights of the day, and the food was amazing.
  3. We drove a lot, but it wasn’t bad at all, because we had a lot of good talks about life and the future.
  4. I am happy that we were able to be together for our anniversary, and we didn’t have to celebrate it over Skype.
  5. I love the lights so much!! And I had not seem them in a while.

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