Secret Santa

If you haven’t figure it out yet, I love Christmas.  I have never planned a Christmas Party before, but this year, I decided to try!  Of course, every Christmas party needs a secret santa game, so I set up and organized it a few weeks ago.  It was pretty simple to set up.  I bought the Christmas hat from the dollar store to put all the names in, but other than that, everything else I already had.


The only tricky part was that I really wanted to include Mads, but the problem was he didn’t know all of the people very well, only Kris and Natalie.  The night people were supposed to pick names, Kris had to work, so I had to pick one for her.  I decided to rig the game a little bit and give her Mads, since I know she could definitely pick a gift for him, and since I also had to pick Mads’s person for him (he was still in Denmark when names were drawn), I gave him Natalie.  Problem solved.  Initially, I had told him that he couldn’t play, because he didn’t know everyone, so he was very excited to find out that I had found a way for him to participate!

I hid Kris’s secret santa paper in a gum packet on her desk, very discreet.
I hid Mads’ person in my mini Danish/English dictionary where no one would look!

Now since that was figured out, it was time for everyone to draw names, including myself.  I folded all the names and put them in the hat.  After dinner, I went around the dorm and made everyone draw a name.


I tried to guess who everyone got just by their facial expression.  It was all very exciting!!  I picked a name as well, and I got Natascha (who is pictured above).  I was really happy about this, because I knew the perfect gift for her!

Everyone had a little less than 2 weeks to find a gift, and we had decided to set the price maximum at $15 (although thinking back, I’m pretty sure some people went over, but that’s ok!).

On the day of the Cozy Christmas Party (my official name for the party), we asked everyone to have their present wrapped and to place it outside the door of Linda and Natalie’s room, which is where we were going to have the party.  Once all the presents were outside, I moved them all into the room before the party started.  I was soooo excited when I saw my name on a big bag!!


After we ate in the beginning of the party (I’ll make a separate post about that), it was time to open the secret santa gifts.  Everyone opened their gift one at a time and they had to guess who their secret santa was.  Here is what happened:


Linda got a Starbucks “North Carolina” mug for her mug collection from Shivani.


Natalie got a bottle of red wine and some cozy, red, Christmas socks from Mads.


Mads got some cozy socks and a frame that was personalized by Kris.


I got a “Merry Christmas” mug with some fancy candy, some cozy socks (seemed to be a very popular gift), hot chocolate, and the book, “The Year of Living Danishly” by Helen Russell, which I have started reading, and I love it!  Learning so much about Denmark!  Alek was my secret santa. 😀


Kris got a drink making kit from Linda.


Alek got a nice scarf from Natalie.


Shivani got the funniest gift from Natascha, which is this machine that is supposed to exercise your chin, so you don’t have a double chin anymore.  It made everyone laugh a lot!


Natascha was the last to open her gift (or envelope in this case), so she already knew that it was from me.  I gave her a ticket to the museum Louisiana which is right outside Copenhagen.  It is a modern art museum, and we had talked about going during our DC trip when we figured out that we both like modern art museums, and we both had not been to this particular museum.  I cannot wait to go with her when I get back to Denmark! 🙂

Secret Santa was extremely successful and a great part of the Cozy Christmas Party.  There will be more posts about other events of the party coming soon!

5 Happy Things about the Secret Santa Experience

  1. I am happy that I figured out a way to incorporate Mads into the secret santa (and so was he!).
  2. I’m so happy that I got Natascha as my secret santa.  Since I always hang out with her, picking a gift was pretty easy.
  3. I’m sooooo happy about what I got for secret santa, especially the book.  I love learning about Denmark, and this is the best book for that.
  4. I’m happy that for the most part everyone’s secret santa remained a secret.  Almost nobody guessed the right person their first time (except Natascha, of course), which means the game was successful!!
  5. I am very excited to visit Louisiana with Natascha next year!!  We have already talked about going before our classes start, and I can’t wait!

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