The Cozy Christmas Party


I’ve already written about making Ris a la Mande and Secret Santa in previous blogs, and now, I’ll tell you about everything else that happened during the Cozy Christmas Party.  It was a huge success especially for my first time throwing a Christmas party, and it was probably one of my favorite nights of the whole semester.

1. Setting up the Cozy Christmas Party

One of the key elements of this party was the “coziness.”  In order to create the coziness, Christmas decorations were a must.  That day, Mads and I headed over to the dollar tree and picked up some nice decor for the dorm room.  We ended up not using my room, because it’s one of the smaller dorm rooms, and also, it was a mess.  Natalie and Linda let us use their much larger corner room, which turned out to be the perfect venue. 🙂


We made a little table out of Linda’s suitcase and used a blanket as a table cloth.  Mads was in charge of the blowing up some balloons, and I hung the tinsel.  I also had some streamers, but I didn’t know how I was going to use it.  Linda thought of the great idea to use it to make a Christmas tree on the wall.  The tree turned out beautiful and even better when all the presents were underneath.


Linda also made this cute little snowman (I have no clue how she made it haha, but it’s adorable).

Mads / Astri / Kris / Natascha / Natalie / Jeremy / Linda

Once we finished decorating and finished the Ris a la Mande, the party was ready to begin.  (Not pictured is Shivani and Alek who are notorious for being fashionably late)

2. Mads’ Present Dice Game (or as I like to call it, Extra Dirty Santa)

After we ate and exchanged the Secret Santa presents, it was time to play the second present game.  Everyone was told to bring two to three small, cheap presents for this game.  All the presents were put in the middle, and everyone sat in a circle around them. Two people on the opposite sides of the circle were given a cup with a die.  In the first round, both dice are passed around in the circle, and everyone takes a turn rolling the die.  When someone rolls a six, they get to take a present out of the pile in the middle.  This round is not timed and ends when all the presents are taken from the middle.

The second round is timed, but no one knows how long the timer is set for (except for the person who set the time, of course, which was Mads).  We didn’t know, but the timer was set for ten minutes, which in retrospect was almost perfect but maybe a little too long. Eight minutes would have been ideal.  Anyways, so the second round is almost the same as the first except that when you roll a six, you steal a present from someone else.  As you can imagine, this makes everything more intense, and people are pressured to roll faster, because no one knows when the timer will go off.


This is also why I called the game “Extra Dirty Santa.”  Since you can steal presents from other people and since it’s also possible to never roll a six, people can end up with no presents.  On the flip side, someone can end up with a lot of presents.  It was so much fun, probably the best Christmas game I have ever played!

There were some funny presents in the mix as well.  Mads brought a fourloko as a gift (for those of you that don’t know, it’s like alcohol and an energy drink combined and also very cheap), but he put it in a shoe box, which disguised it and made it the biggest present in the pile.  Everyone wanted that present!  When we all opened the gifts at the end of the ten minutes, I made Linda (who got the shoebox) go last.  It was so funny!  She had no clue that it was going to be a fourloko, and she had never had one, so it was actually perfect for her.


3. After the Official Cozy Christmas Party Events

After the present games, there was nothing left on the agenda except to hang out and have fun.  First, we all decided to dance down the halls and blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  Everyone peaked out their doors, and I could tell they wished they were invited to such a cool, cozy, Christmas party.  That didn’t last very long haha, but it was fun while it lasted.

After the excitement, someone had the idea to play limbo with the tinsel.  We put on the classic limbo song, and everyone tried to bend under it.  I hadn’t done this in ages!  It was very fun, but I was not the best.  The best had to be Astri and Natascha.  It was crazy how far they could bend backwards.


Once no one could limbo any lower, we all took group pictures.  Although the dorm hall lighting isn’t the best, I think the photos came out so cute.  We look so Christmassy!


The rest of the night was full of music, laughter and dancing.  I could not have asked for a better night.  I am definitely going to keep doing this every year, because it made my favorite time of the year even more fun, and all my friends loved it.

5 Happy Things from the day of the Party

  1. It was my last day of classes, which was exciting, because the next time I’ll have to go to class, it will be at Copenhagen Business School!
  2. I was happy that the Ris a la Mande was so successful (I’ve been craving it ever since I tried it).
  3. The second present game was one of the best games I have ever tried.
  4. I not only had fun playing the games, but I also had so much fun just hanging out with all my friends after that.  It was such a great night.
  5. It was Mads’ last night, so after the party, we just spent time together

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