Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Natascha and I had talked about going to this museum when we went to Washington D.C. together, so for Secret Santa I gave her a ticket to the museum!  It was both of our first times going to Louisiana, and it was so cool.

Before we got to the museum, I got a little lost.  Natascha and I were riding on the same train to the museum, but I was getting on two stops before her.  I left my apartment and rode my bike to the train station, Nørreport, where I was supposed to get on the train, but there are so many different trains there!  First, I went to the tracks of the S train, which was wrong, and then, I went to the tracks of the Metro, which was also wrong.  By the time I got to the right track, I had missed my train.  There was another one coming 20 minutes later, so it wasn’t a problem, but I had no data on my phone yet to tell Natascha that I was going to be late.  I couldn’t have her worrying about me for 20 whole minutes!! It is a long story, but eventually, Natascha got the message that I was going to be late, so everything was fine in the end.


When we arrived at the museum, the first part of the museum had a lot of paintings, pictures and videos.  It was nice, but we are more into the weirder, more conceptual art.  My least favorite art piece was this video about this man with a crippled leg falling in the snow.  It was so hard to watch, because he kept screaming in pain every time he fell, but he kept falling over and over and over again.  I did not like that.  I did like the video that is pictured below, which was about a super long chain reaction.


Here are more exhibits I particularly liked:


About halfway through, we found the best part of the whole museum. There was a room called “Gleaming lights of the Souls” by Yayoi Kusama.  Basically, you walked into this room and all the walls were mirrors.  You stood on this little platform, and water surrounded the platform.  From the ceiling, 100 color-changing lightbulbs hung, and it was so mesmerizing.  The lightbulbs reflected off the mirror walls and water, so it looked like you were surrounded by millions of lights.  It was beautiful.  We definitely went into the room more than once.


There was also an overlook point, where you could see the Danish sea.  From inside looking out at the water, it almost looked like it could be warm outside, because the sea was so light blue (but it was actually very, very cold).


The second half of the museum had more sculptures and conceptual pieces, which we really enjoyed.  These were some of my favorites:


The whole day was a great, and it was so nice to see something new in Denmark with Natascha! 🙂

5 Happy Things from Yesterday

  1. The apartment is coming together and is starting to feel more like a home. 🙂
  2. I have finally unpacked all my clothes and hung them up, which feels sooooo nice!
  3. I was so happy to sleep in with Mads.
  4. I got to skype both my Mom and Dad, so it was nice to tell them all about my first week back in Denmark.
  5. Overall, it was a super productive day, which makes me feel great.

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