Date Night, My First Wine Tasting

After Natascha and I had went to the Louisiana Museum, Mads had a date planned for me!  For one of my Christmas presents, he got us tickets to go to a wine tasting.  I had never been to a wine tasting before, so I was super excited!


The wine tasting took place at a wine shop, called “Smag Først,” which means “taste first.”  It was not a big shop so it had a very cozy atmosphere.  There were about 13 of us at the wine tasting, and it was supposed to last an hour, but the host had let us know that it usually goes a little over an hour.

In the hour, we tried six wines.  The first two were white and the last four were red.  I’m happy it ended with the red wines, because I’m not the biggest fan of it.  Mads and I don’t really know anything about wines or the different kinds of wines, but we learned a lot of new things.  The first white wine was dry, and we were so confused about what dry wine actually is.  How could wine be dry?? So we asked the host, and he said that when wine has no sugar it is a dry wine.  The more you know!


It was such a great time.  We had so many laughs trying to make up stories about what we think the different wines taste like.  When it was over, we were pretty tipsy (drinking 6 glasses of wine in an hour is a lot!), but we decided we definitely had to go back and try another tasting (I hope they have some pink wine next time!) .

After the wine tasting, we met Natascha at Smagsløget (the best sandwiches in existence), and had dinner together.  Then, we met some more friends at Dupong, a ping pong bar in Nørrebro.  It is one of my favorite places to go out and have fun, even though I’m pretty terrible at ping pong.  At one point I did manage to make it to the top 6 of around-the-table ping pong, which is the best I think that I have ever done.

It was one of the best Friday nights that I have had in a very long time.  Thank you, Mads, for such a nice date!

5 Happy Things From That Day

  1. I was happy that when I missed my train to get to the museum, that I found a way to contact Natascha, so she didn’t worry about why I was late.
  2. I had a lot of fun at the Louisiana Museum with Natascha. It was so pretty and interesting, especially the room with all the lights.
  3. The wine tasting was soooooo nice.  Best part of the whole evening.  I have never laughed so much!
  4. Anytime I eat the sandwiches from Smagsløget, I am happy.
  5. I played the best ping pong that I have ever played that night!  Although I wasn’t really that great, I still had a lot of fun.

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