A fresh (re)start

savingPNG (1).PNG

It has been such a great five months here in Denmark. I have been so busy between my studies, trying to find a job, and unfortunately, breaking my right(!!) wrist that I just haven’t been able to bring my self to blog… until now!

With only one exam left on the horizon until August and my new job starting at the end of this month, I feel a lot less stressed, and now, I have a lot more freedom to do fun things. Recently, I’ve been thinking about taking on some sort of creative project for the summer just to keep me busy, and then it dawned on me… I have a blog! A blog that has been neglected for quite a while. So now it’s time to bring Where Sue Wanders back to life.

I really don’t want to talk about everything I’ve done since my last update (which was way back in February), because it’s just way too much to write, and I would just rather restart fresh and new. But here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months:

My 21st birthday! (finallyyyyyyyy)
Breaking my wrist was both a blessing and a curse, but boy, does it feel good to shower again with two hands!!
Visiting Silkeborg for a weekend with Mads and his family.
Mads’ dad’s wedding!!
Brøndby, Brøndby, Brøndby!
Distortion with Natascha and her friends

5 Happy Things (from today)

  1. I had a very lazy morning and really got to relax.
  2. Mads, his dad and I went to see the Solo Star Wars movie, and I thought it was pretty good!
  3. It is father’s day today in Denmark, and so after the movie, we went to eat dinner at a very nice restaurant with Susanne (Mads’ step-mom).
  4. I got to wear this new pink outfit all day today, and my favorite color is pink, so what could be better?
  5. I am very, very happy that I am writing again on this blog. I also really hope I can keep it up, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. Only time will tell. 🙂

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