My Capsule Wardrobe

Photo Jun 06, 3 31 48 PM

I have always been good about not buying things I don’t need and keeping my possessions to a minimum since I travel a lot and a suitcase can only fit so much. But the one thing I just cannot stop buying is clothes.

Fashion has become quite an obsession for me, and I find myself constantly online “window shopping,” constantly looking at what other people are wearing, and of course, buying clothes. I will use any special occasion to buy a new dress or shirt or shoes. I love the fashion trends here in Copenhagen and I lose interest in my clothes so quickly, so I’m never satisfied with my wardrobe. The only thing that really curbs my shopping is, of course, not having enough money to shop.

I have always wanted to have a little more self-control when it came to my shopping habits, so I was pretty excited when I stumbled across the article, “Capsule Wardrobe: more satisfaction with less clothes,” in Sustain Yearly, a yearly magazine created by sustain daily.

Photo Jun 06, 3 28 59 PM

A capsule wardrobe is like creating your own clothing line for every season. Every three months, you decide what you want your look to be like for the next season and select pieces from your wardrobe that match the style you’re going for. Most of the clothes will come from what you already have, but you can also buy a few new things if you see gaps in your upcoming look.

The article suggests looking for sustainable options if you want to buy clothes, such as buying second hand or from ethical clothing brands. But don’t forget! The idea is not about shopping. It is about reducing the amount you shop.

Photo Jun 06, 3 37 27 PM

The capsule wardrobe only includes everyday wear, shoes, and outerwear (so accessories not included), and it is a popular suggestion to keep the number of clothing items for each season in the 30s. The idea is not only to decrease the amount of shopping you do but also increase your wardrobe satisfaction.

Photo Jun 06, 3 34 02 PM

I was instantly attracted to this idea. Conveniently, I read this article a few days before June began, so I was able to try out this concept instantly. For my summer look, I had to think about not only what style I wanted, but I also had to take into consideration the unpredictable Copenhagen weather and my new job that starts at the end of June.

Photo Jun 06, 3 35 42 PM

Then, I cleaned out my wardrobe and got rid of any old or worn out clothes that I haven’t used in a while. After that, I selected pieces for my summer season look. I was able to pare my wardrobe down to around 37 pieces and stored all my “off-season” clothes in a few boxes in my closet.

I felt the results right away! I feel very happy with my wardrobe now and (currently) have no urge to buy clothes. I think it’s exciting to think about what next season’s style should be, and it feels like I have my own curated collection. (sounds very fancy)

You should definitely check out sustain daily for more ideas and tips (warning: it’s in Danish, but you can use Google Chrome to translate the articles), and a new Sustain Yearly edition is coming out around Christmas if you’re interested in learning how to live more sustainably (you can buy the magazine in English or Danish).

If you want to know more about capsule wardrobes, you should check out bemorewithless or The Washington Post.

5 Happy Things

  1. I have been very productive today with my studying, which is so nice since I have an exam on Monday.   :O
  2. My family is very happy that I am blogging again, so that makes me happy. 🙂
  3. I did really well in my Danish class today and was able to contribute a lot.
  4. I did the laundry! That is a weird thing to be happy about, but I love getting all my dirty clothes back fresh and clean, so I can wear them again.
  5. I feel really good today wearing a summer outfit from my capsule wardrobe (and of course it is pink).



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