5 Happy Things


Everyday at 7pm, an alarm goes off on my phone, and I know that it’s time to say 5 Happy Things.  5 Happy Things that happened to me during my day.  It can be big things, small things, something I did for someone else, something I felt, but it has to be 5.  Somedays I go over 5, because once you start going, it’s hard to stop, but I never say less than 5.  Not even on my worst days.  In fact, my worst days are when it is most important to say 5 Happy Things.  5 Happy Things is not only a practice of self reflection, but a practice of positivity.  After keeping this up for a year, it has become a habit of mine to recognize moments of happiness in my everyday life.  When someone opens the door for me, when I bite into a really good cookie, when I have a great talk with my boyfriend, when I hear a really good song for the first time, I stop and realize, ‘this can be one of my happy things!’  5 Happy Things may seem like a lot in the beginning, but once you start, it becomes easier, and in general, my life has become a lot happier, and my mindset is way more positive.  Try it for yourself and see how you feel! 🙂